Mission Statement

The University Libraries advance and support learning, research and service at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and throughout the state of North Carolina.


  • Innovation and creativity
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • A culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Communication that empowers and fosters openness
  • Accountability and excellence in service and programming
  • Atmosphere of continual learning
  • Culture of sustainability
  • University Libraries Priorities for 2014-15 (PDF)


  • Provide quality information services, systems, facilities and learning environments from which the University community will gather information and conduct research
  • Build and preserve print, electronic resources and other unique collections that support the University's missions and programs
  • Provide leadership in information literacy programs and instructional technologies
  • Establish an environment for collaborative learning and individual reflection and ensure that the Libraries' services and resources support student activities and research in partnership with academic faculty
  • Provide opportunities for professional development and training of librarians and staff to ensure the Libraries' services and operations are efficient and current
  • Embrace and enhance diversity throughout the University's constituencies, culture, curriculum and outreach activities
  • Engage the Piedmont Triad in programs that enhance the life of the University and community and build long-term support for the Libraries
  • Seek out and take advantage of appropriate entrepreneurial opportunities

Approved 5/27/08

Customer Service Values

The University Libraries (UL) currently are recognized as providing excellent service in terms of treating our customers with courtesy and respect and in providing a high level of library materials and resources; thus our primary goal is to build on and extend that tradition of excellence.

While the faculty, staff and students of the University are our first priority, everyone will receive courteous and friendly service, regardless of location and University affiliation. Employees of the Libraries are also customers and should be treated as such.

All UL staff will ensure that our customers receive timely, courteous, and accurate assistance. In order to create a service environment in which customers are valued, the Libraries must develop a work environment for all staff in which these service standards are reinforced and rewarded. We must provide an environment that encourages creativity and innovation in the delivery of our services. To these ends:

We will empower our staff to provide highly-responsive service.

  • We will encourage staff to find creative ways to provide assistance and go the extra mile.
  • We will provide ongoing training to enable and enrich our staff.
  • We will give our employees the freedom to make decisions that help our customers.
  • We will honor and recognize our employees for good customer service.

We will create systems, services, and procedures with our customers' needs foremost in mind.

  • We will develop and deliver systems and services that are flexible, creative, and efficient.
  • We will provide an environment which promotes follow-through in resolving questions and problems.

We will value our customers through our actions and services.

  • We will be reliable, accountable, and have integrity in maintaining the confidentiality of our customers.
  • We will be respectful of our diverse customers and respond to their needs.
  • We will display empathy in our treatment of others - considering and respecting their points of view.
  • We will communicate on the level of the customer - avoiding all jargon and explaining concepts clearly.

We will make services easily accessible.

  • We will be alert and attentive as we move throughout the library, ready to offer assistance.
  • We will strive to offer on site and remote services for the convenience of our customers.
  • We will be mobile in helping customers, providing seamless service whenever possible.
  • We will provide ways for customers to give us feedback on how we are adhering to these values.