UNCG Libraries International Visiting Librarian Program -- 2010

Mr. Zhongming Xu - September – December 2010

The goals of the visit were threefold for Mr. Zhongming Xu: to help him develop a comprehensive understanding of the UNCG Libraries’ operations including its collections, services and management; to learn the means by which the staff of the UNCG Libraries facilitate and support the patrons' academic activities through the provision of a learning commons, subject librarians, our institutional repository, and outreach services to the community; and to improve his skill of spoken English. A Planning Team from the UNCG Libraries assisted him in adjusting to the campus, in planning and carrying out visits to other libraries, and in providing him with cultural outings and recreational activities in other parts of North Carolina. Mr. Xu gave two presentations to the Libraries' faculty and staff, as well as to the students and faculty of the LIS Department on “Design ideas and practices for the library building of Tongji University at Jiading Campus Library,” and “Shanghai: Old and New.”

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Final Report from Mr. Zhongming Xu [PDF]

Ms. Zinaida Sochirca - August 2010

In August 2010, the UNCG Libraries hosted Ms. Zinaida Sochirca, Director of Information & Library Science Department at the Free International University, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The major activities of her visit at UNCG included the meetings with the UNCG Libraries’ administration and librarians, discussions and information sharing on NC DOCKS, a presentation on library development in Moldova, and exploring grant ideas. Ms. Sochirca also had several opportunities to meet with some librarians and staff at meal functions and coffee breaks which provided excellent opportunities to learn from each other and to share best library practices. The library faculty and staff warmly welcomed Ms. Sochirca and played active roles in hosting her. Ms. Sochirca was very pleased by the hospitality and enthusiasm that she received from the UNCG Libraries.

Ms. Sochirca gave a presentation on the overview of the Republic of Moldova which included a brief history, its economic structure, cultural information, and library development in the country. This educational session enabled more people to know where the Republic of Moldova is located on the world map.

The State of North Carolina and the country of Moldova signed their third five-year bilateral State Partnership agreement January 20, 2010. More information at http://www.nc.ngb.army.mil/index.php/2010/01/n-c-and-moldova-sign-third-bilateral-agreement/

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Dr. Irma Luz Garcia - July 2010

Dr. Irma Luz Garcia, Director of Department of Library & and Information Science, College of Philosophy & Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, had a short visit at the UNCG Libraries in July 2010. Dr. Garcia was invited to U.S. under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitors Leadership Program and with a local sponsor by the Piedmont Triad Council for International Visitors. The goals of Dr. Garcia’s visit in U.S. was to learn about the role of libraries and information professionals; gain insight on the impact of rapid changes in information technology field and the changing roles of the librarians, and visit library science education institutions and make contact with counterparts. When Dr. Garcia visited the Piedmont area, she met with LIS faculty and librarians at UNCG. During her meeting with librarians, Dr. Garcia was interested in learning the information literacy program and technological support at the UNCG Libraries. Amy Harris, Information Literacy Program Coordinator and Reference Librarian, described one of the meetings with the UNCG Librarians:

In the visit with Professor Garcia, we discussed the intersection of technology with reference and instructional services. With regards to reference, we discussed chat reference and how much of our reference traffic comes through chat now instead of through face-to-face transactions. I mentioned how we had used free chat programs in the past (like Meebo) but have recently switched to a paid service (LibraryH3lp). We also discussed Libguides, a subject guide hosting service we are currently implementing. The reasons we chose to adopt this system instead of staying with our current model of using static webpages were: ease of editing, ability to integrate RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 content, and remote hosting of the websites. The system will be fully implemented on August 1, 2010. We also briefly discussed the reference intern program, where graduate students in the LIS program staff the reference desk. I described the training program, which involves 10 hours of orientation and a one-hour weekly training session.

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Dr. José Rodolfo Hernández Carrión - February – May 2010

Visiting Scholar Dr. José Rodolfo Hernández Carrión is Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Valencia (Spain). He was hosted by the Department of Library and Information Studies at UNCG during his three-month visit, February 15 to May 15 2010. At UNCG, Dr. Hernández is conducting research on Economics Education for Change: Internet 2.0 and New Pedagogies in Teaching Economics. He is studying social media, information and communication technologies (ICTs), learning management systems, and new pedagogies with the purpose of acquiring excellence in new strategies to more effectively teach introductory Economics classes in the Schools of Law and Economics at his home university.

Upon the invitation from Rosann Bazirjian, Dean of University Libraries, Dr. Hernandez gave a presentation to all library faculty and staff, and students and faculty at the LIS Department in May 2010, prior to his departure to Spain. His presentation is, “Economics, Education and Information Needs: Critical Thinking and Effective Teaching.”

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