Colette Marie Ledford Edwards

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Associate Professor, Clinical Educator, 2015
Colette Marie Ledford Edwards

The Communication Disorders Casebook : Learning By Example
by Shelly S. Chabon and Ellen R. Cohn

This book has a chapter written by three of my esteemed colleagues and me to assist other professionals in planning a "Voice and Communications Program for Transgender Individuals." The chapter describes the program developed for individuals transitioning from male to female who needed guidance in changing voice parameters, nonverbal and spoken language behaviors. The four of us were thrilled to receive an invitation to explain the program in this casebook and advocate for similar programs nationally. Writing the case study about one of our successful clients gave us a chance to tell "her" story, reflect on particular aspects of the program and provided us with an opportunity to "give back" to the profession of speech-language pathology.