Dr. Carla LeFevre

  • Music Performance
  • Professor, 2015
Dr. Carla LeFevre

Richard Strauss’ Complete Song Texts: In One Volume
by Richard Strauss; transcriptions, translations and commentary by Beaumont Glass

Beaumont Glass Jr. was my opera director and coach at the University of Iowa from 1982-1985. The knowledge I gained through working with him was invaluable and has served me well throughout my career. At the age of 71, Beaumont began the immense, scholarly task of publishing word-by-word translations and IPA transcriptions for the entire art song repertoires of Schubert (1996), Brahms (1999), Wolf (2000), and finally, Strauss (2004). It is fitting that in honor of my promotion to full professor at UNCG, I have requested the purchase of the Strauss volume to complete the set for the Schiffman Music Library.