Dr. Anthony Chow

  • Library and Information Studies
  • Associate Professor, 2014
Dr. Anthony Chow

The Eden Conspiracy: Educating for Accomplished Citizenship, by Joe Harless

This book was the genesis for my dissertation and tells the incredible, real-life story of what happens when one of the world's foremost experts in human performance applies his 30 years of experience and expertise to public education. It paints an ideal vision for public education and American society as told by my friend and mentor Joe Harless who passed away in 2012 who considered this book and the schools that have been created from it (Central Educational Center in Newnan, GA) as some of his most important life's work.

This work and my ensuing doctorate and now career as a professor will always be connected. Every life I positively impact through my teaching, research, and service is in part an honor to Joe and his burning vision for a brighter future for us all. A lesson for us all - talk-the-talk and then walk-the-walk.