Dr. Sandra J. Shultz

Professor of Kinesiology

Dr Sandra J. Shultz

The Blessing
by Gary Smalley and John Trent

How we are raised has a profound impact on how we are today. The Blessing reveals 5 key elements of a family's blessing...meaningful touch, a spoken message of love and acceptance, attaching high value to an individual, picturing a special future for that person, and an active commitment. The extent to which we receive this blessing from our parents (and others) has a tremendous influence on what motivates us, how we view ourselves and how we respond to others. I read this book as a young adult and it really provided important insights as to why I am the way I am, which in turn helped me grow both personally and professionally....it is not a book about blame or dwelling on the past, but rather understanding the impact our affirming words and actions (or lack thereof) have on others. These concepts are equally relevant to my role as a teacher and mentor, and how I can be a blessing and encouragement to my students.