Ms. Clara O'Brien

Associate Professor of Voice

by Claude Debussy

The selection above is a CD recording of the mélodies of Claude Debussy as performed by Bernard Kruysen. Our library holds this recording on LP only, which makes it difficult for students to access.

Although many recordings of Debussy's song exist, this particular recording had a profound effect on me during my formative years as a musician. I had not been very familiar with Debussy's songs and had thought them difficult to understand until I heard this recording.

I have found Kruysen's supple voice and skillful interpretation of Debussy to be quintessential, expertly capturing the illusive and fragile atmosphere of impressionistic song. I was inspired to a very deep interest in this period of music and as a singer, have received acclaim for my own interpretation of some of these songs, due in part to this remarkable recording. Since I teach this material both in my studio and in my Song Literature class, I would like my students to experience this performer as an unsurpassed interpreter of Debussy's songs.