Dr. Dennis Askew


Dennis Askew

The Planets by Gustav Holst (as played by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of Zubin Mehta)

When an undergraduate, I didn't know exactly what shape my career might take--I had entered college with the desire to be a high school band director. (a job I did have, for a period of time) Coming from a small town in North Georgia, I hadn't been exposed to very much in the way of art music, and was not always interested in what might be out there. After hearing this recording--you can truly hear the performers having fun, and enjoying what and how they are playing--I knew that there was a different direction within music that I wanted to explore, that of performer. Now, many years later, I've had the opportunity to befriend several of the performers on this recording and learn from them how to perform with an eye towards perfection and reckless abandon. This recording demonstrates that in a very sublime way.