Distance Education Services

Elluminate Live!

Elluminate Live is software that allows you to conduct live, virtual workshops, courses or meetings. Below are resources for first time users, as well as, resources for presenters and participants. Please contact Beth Filar Williams for additional support.

  • What To Expect...First Time Users
  • When you first visit the link for your Elluminate workshop, it will prompt you to enter your name, and then your computer will download a piece of free Java software. Once the Elluminate room window opens you may be prompted to choose your connection speed and then you are logged into the session!
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  • Guides & Resources
  • First Time Users
  • First time users (presenters and participants) should take some time and go through these files before logging on to their first session:
  • Presenter Guide & Resources
  • Participant Guide & Resources

  • Headset & Mic Info
  • Elluminate is best used with a microphone and speakers/headphones. A combo headset/mic is best - without headphones, audio output from the session can be picked up your computer's mic and cause feedback sounds. If you don't have a mic, you can type questions in chat window.
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  • FAQs
  • What do I do if I have audio problems during session?
  • Go to Tools -> Audio --> Audio Wizard ... follow the instructions.
  • Can I show a video during my Elluminate session?
  • Showing video or using web cams tends to eat up too much bandwidth and cause problem for some participants so use it sparingly.
  • My connection seems really slow and jumpy. Is there any way I can change this?
  • Elluminate works best if you set your connection speed.
  • For PC: Tools --> Preferences --> Session Connection.
  • For Mac: Elluminate live --> Preferences --> Session Connection. Lower the connection speed if you notice problems.
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