Directory of Online Education Resources at UNCG

How to use this Directory: This directory is organized by unit. Each unit includes a brief description of what kind of help you can find there along with either specific or general contact information for staff that can help you. If you don’t know where to begin, start by contacting the Instructional Technology Consultant (or ITC) associated with your school. They are listed first in this directory and are the best place for all questions regarding online education.

Instructional Technology Consultants

Each school has either one or two ITCs working for them. If you have any questions about online teaching, they should be your first stop!

Anita Warfford

College of Arts & Sciences

Jane Harris

School of Health and Human Sciences

Daniel E. Rice

School of Music, Theater and Dance

Aprille Black

Bryan School of Business

Pam Howe

School of Health and Human Sciences

Sandra Bates-Hart

School of Education

Carla Wilson

School of Education

Joy Pine-Thomas

School of Nursing

Rob Owens

Bryan School of Business

Learning Management Systems Team-Division of Information Technology Services

If you are needing help with accessing officially supported UNCG software, such as Canvas, WebEx, or Box, or need training in these products, these are the people to whom you can turn.

Matt Liberia

Amanda Schipman

Client Services Team-Division of Information Technology

The people to turn to with questions about software programs like Google, Box, and Office 360.

For general questions: contact 6-TECH and ask for Client Services. This should be your first place to call.

Denise Cowardin

Technology Support Specialist

Judy Guard

Technology Support Specialist

UNCG Online

The course designers and graphic artists can help you design your online course and help integrate web-based teaching tools into existing classes. They charge a fee for full class design.

Kisha Carmichael-Motely

Online Course Development

Matt Loyd

Miranda Bradley

Susie Baker

State Authorization Coordinator

Special Note: While a member of the Division of Continual Learning, this section answers questions about federal and state laws pertaining to whether UNCG is authorized to enroll students from other states in distance programs or hire online teachers living in other states.

Jana Wasler-Smith

David Mitchell

Registrar for Division of Continual Learning Programs

De Fuller


Elizabeth Cranford

Information Services (enrollment verifications, transcripts, residency questions)

Marilyn Robinson

Record Services (tuition questions and surcharge)

Accessibility Services

Contact this unit if you have a student with special needs in your online classroom that you need to accommodate or if you need to check on your online classroom’s general accessibility.

General Contact

Sidney Fletcher

Adaptive Technology Specialist (information about screen readers, closed captioning services)

University Teaching and Learning Center (UTLC)

Contact this person if you are interested in improving your online pedagogical techniques. They offer many certificates and workshops as well as individual consultations.

Laura Pipe

Coordinator of Teaching Innovations Office

Amy Brown

Assistant Director, Technology Enhanced Pedagogy

Benjamin Peterson

Coordinator of Faculty Programs and Services


Contact the people below if you want to know how to get more online materials into your classes, how to integrate research instruction from the library into online classes, or have questions about copyright when putting materials online. The Digital Media Commons can help you use multimedia creation projects in your next online course.

Your Department has its own library liaison for all your library needs! View the list here.

Sam Harlow

Online Learning Librarian

Armondo Collins

Digital Media Commons Director

Digital ACT Studio

This center, located in the library, can help you learn to better use digital media, such as podcats, photography, and websites, in your online classes. They can also teach special workshops for your online students.

Vaughn Stewart

Digital ACT Studio Director

Office of the General Council

If you need help understanding a product’s license or have complicated copyright questions, this office can help you understand what the legal way to proceed may be.

Jerry D. Blakemore

General Counsel

Michael Jung

Deputy General Counsel

Carolyn P. Coppedge

Assistant to Legal Counsel

Office of Assessment and Accreditation

This department can help you with questions about getting new courses approved by curriculum committees, processes to make sure your online programs are accredited properly, and guidance for conducting department and school wide online program assessments.

Dr. Jodi Pettazzoni

Director of Assessment & Accreditation

Dr. Teresa Brumfield

General Education Assessment Coordinator