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Teaching Online?
This website shows how UNCG Libraries can provide instructional related services to you to assist with your online teaching or teaching at a distance.
Ten Tips for an Effective Online Presentation
UNCG College of Arts and Science (CAS) guide on ten tips for creating an effective online presentation.
TimelineJS: Create Interactive Timelines
UNCG College of Arts and Science (CAS) guide on creating interactive timelines using Google Sheets and TimelineJS (through Knightlab).
Tips for Making Your Canvas Course Accessibility Compliant
This page discusses Section 504, in relation to creation of Canvas courses. It also provides tips to make your Canvas course accessible, including making text readable, adding links to Canvas for screen readers, and dealing with video and image captioning.
Tips for Managing Large Enrollment Classes
This UNCG College of Arts and Science (CAS) guide includes tips and tricks for managing large enrollment classes.

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