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Canvas Design Tips
YouTube video of Wade Maki sharing design tips for creating a Canvas course, including embedding video from YouTube, using student view, and setting module prerequisites.
Canvas Support
This is your general overview of everything Canvas, including support, training, and accessing Canvas.
Canvas: How to Post Video in a Discussion
In this video, Wade Maki focuses on recording video within Canvas. He emphasizes use within discussions, but it also works anywhere you have a Canvas Rich Content Editor (pages, discussion boards, even quiz questions etc).
Checklist for a New Online Course
UNCG College of Arts and Science (CAS) checklist for creating a new online course in Canvas.
Classroom Technology
List of what services are available to faculty in classroom technology, such as training and consultation.
College of Visual & Performing Arts: Instructional Technology
Homepage for UNCG's College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) Instructional Technology Services.
Copyright, Fair Use, Digital Citizenship, Plagiarism, and Evaluation in the Classroom
This guide defines important copyright and digital citizenship concepts, with a focus on the ISTE standards for teachers.
Create Interactive Timelines
UNCG College of Arts and Science (CAS) guide on creating interactive timelines using Google Sheets and Timeline (through Knightlab).
Creating Multimedia
A power point describing best practices for shooting video, including writing a script, choosing location, equipment, copyright concerns, and where to publish your video.

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