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Woman's Hall Roosevelt visits the College May Day Celebration

Woman's Hall opened. This building was named for the women of the Confederacy; however, it was commonly known as "Senior Hall" because many campus leaders lived there. The building was eventually demolished in 1964.

The second infirmary, with 75 beds, opened. It was located off Forest Avenue on the current site of Elliott University Center's northern wing. In 1936, it was named for Anna M. Gove, MD the College's second physician. The building was razed in 1965.

April 22 - Theodore Roosevelt visited the College and spoke to the 700 students.

The first Old English Pageant - or May Day - was celebrated.

The Alumnae News began publication.

The first Summer Session was held on campus.

The statue of Charles Duncan McIver, sculpted by Fredrick W. Ruckstuhl, was dedicated on Founder's Day.

The Dramatics Club was organized.