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Finding Aid for the Way and Williams Collection, 1895-1990

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Way and Williams, Publishers was established in 1895 by Washington Irving Way and Chauncey Williams. Although the firm lasted only three years (1895-1898) and produced only sixty-six books, many of its titles represent the work of some of the major artists and book designers of the period.

The Way and Williams manuscripts collection dates from 1895 to 1990 and contains correspondence, legal materials, photographs, typescripts, printed materials, and a scrapbook.

Administrative Information

Collection Number

MSS 237


1.6 linear feet; 2 half-size archival boxes and one scrapbook in clamshell case.

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research.

Copyright Notice

Copyright is retained by the creators of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Way and Williams Collection (MSS 237), University Archives and Manuscripts, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Acquisitions Information

Acquisition of Way and Williams materials began in 1975 with the gift of ten books from former Jackson Library Director Charles Adams; all books are now in the Special Collections division. The scrapbook was a gift from John M. Williams. One box of materials came from Joe Kraus, a former librarian in Illinois and author of A History of Way and Williams: with a bibliography of their publications, 1895-1898. A complete list of donors is located in the archives.

Biographical Note

Way and Williams, Publishers was officially established in 1895 by Washington Irving Way, a bibliophile, native of Canada and former railroad executive, and Chauncey Williams, a Wisconsin native reared in England and a former advertiser. The firm had its predecessor in W. Irving Way and Company, a small publishing-bookselling company begun by Way in 1892. The new firm designated itself "Way and Williams, Publishers, Importers, and Booksellers."

Way and Williams joined 53 other publishing firms in Chicago, but were determined to be unique. They shared a vision of producing finely printed books in limited editions. Although the firm lasted only three years (1895-1898) and produced only sixty-six books, many of its titles are visually impressive and represent the work of some of the major artists and book designers of the period. There was a heavy emphasis on British imports among the earlier titles, but gradually the emphasis shifted to American writers; and many prominent authors saw their books come to life with a Way and Williams imprint.

The firm published both well-known and relatively obscure authors, many of them from the Chicago literary scene. Among the better-known writers represented by the firm were Kate Chopin, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Allen White, Octave Thanet (Alice French), Edgar Lee Masters, and L. Frank Baum; and their works were often shown to advantage by the artistic input of Bruce Rogers, Maxfield Parrish, Will Bradley, and Frank Hazenplug, among others.

In December 1896, Chauncey Williams became the sole owner of the firm, although the name of Way and Williams remained. Irving Way subsequently reestablished his old firm, W. Irving Way, Publisher and Seller of Books.

Description of Collection

The Way and Williams manuscripts collection dates from 1895 to 1990 and contains correspondence, legal materials, photographs, typescripts, printed materials, and a scrapbook.

Box 1

Folder 1 Kraus correspondence 1972-1973

Folder 2 Kraus correspondence with John M. Williams 1973-1984

Folder 3 Kraus correspondence 1980-1981

Folder 4 Printed materials on Baum, Herrick and Parrish

Folder 5 Chauncey Williams vs. Barrie, et al. 1897

Folder 6 Chauncey Williams vs. Barrie, et al 1899

Box 2

Folder 1 Photographs of Chauncey Williams, William Allen White and family and other friends, circa 1895-1915

Folder 2 Photographs of letters in scrapbook

Folder 3 Typescripts of letters in the Way and Williams scrapbook. Several photocopies of letters from the William Allen White Scrapbook also included. The White Scrapbook is in the Spencer Library at the University of Kansas

Folder 4 Letters that accompanied the 1897 Miracles of Madame Saint Katherine of Fierbois [BX4700.C3 A5 1897b c.2]

Folder 5 Harriet Monroe letters to Frank Hopkins of the De Vinne Press, February and September 1892

Folder 6 Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, including Chauncey Williamsí home in River Forest, Illinois

Folder 7 Kansas Historical Quarterly, Summer 1977 [Kraus article on William Allen White]

Folder 8 Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, Volume 70 Number 2, 1976. [Kraus bibliography]

Folder 9 Letter from William Edgar Fisher to W. Irving Way, December 1901

Folder 10 Miscellaneous photographs, slides and negatives of items in collection

Scrap Book

Gift of John M. Williams, circa 1892-1911. Chauncey L. Williams assembled the contents of the scrap book during World War I. Transcripts of many of the letters were done by Frederic J. Mosher in 1959 and are located in Box 2, Folder 3. Scrap Book contents have been deacidified, encapsulated, and rebound.

Page Descriptions for Scrap Book:

1 ALS. Henry Irving [English actor] to Chauncey Williams. 28 Feb. 1896. Auditorium Hotel, Chicago stationery

1 verso Photo of W.D. Howells. Page cut from The Critic n.d.

2 ALS. W.D. Howells, 40 West 59th St, NYC, to Williams. 11 April 1900. Declining luncheon invitation but inviting him to call the next day. ALS W.D. Howells to Williams. 14 April 1900. Requesting he call on him the next week. Envelope with Howells's letter addressed to "Chauncey L. Williams, Esq./The Century/7 West 43rd St./New York/NY." Calling card. W.D. Howells. Written in pencil: "Elder Whitely, Shirley/Introducing Mr. C.L. Williams." Underneath the card is written in ink: "Elder Whitely was one on the Shakers of Shirley, Mass" whom Mr. and Mrs. Howell had met thirty years ago. CLW regrets he did not have time to look him up.

2 verso ALS. Charles F. Lummis [editor of The Land of Sunshine, Los Angeles] to Williams. 28 July 1897. Re the publication of and illustrations for The Enchanted Burro.

3 ALS. W[illiaml A. White to W.I. Way. 2 June 1896. Re his book of stories. ALS. W.A. White to Way and Williams, n.d. [Written in pencil: 5/7/96] Letter beginning "Does the sea give up its dead?" re his mss.

3 verso Four color picture postcard: "Sudan Native Quarter and Coffee Shops." B/W picture postcard [also probably the Sudan].

4 Receipt for shipment of tobacco from Virginia to London made out to Richard Lingham Hall [?] by John Carnaby, ship's captain. 24 May 1762. 4/c picture postcard: "No. 41 Jinrickshaw, Colombo."

4 verso ALS. Maxfield Parrish, Annisquam, Mass., to Williams. 8 Sept. 1897. Re illustrations he is doing for Way and Williams.

5 ALS. F. Marion Crawford, 66, Fifth Avenue, N.Y., but datelined Boston, Mass., to Williams. 3 Dec. 1897. Re trip to Milwaukee and acknowledging enclosures sent.

5 verso Photo of Ellen Terry at age seventeen by Julia Margaret Cameron. [Cut from a magazine.] B/W picture postcard "Hindu Temple, Colombo."

6 ALS. S.B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y., to Mrs. Gage [mother-in-law of L. Frank Baum and leader of woman's suffrage movement]. 24 Jan. 1854. Re the Albany Convention [on woman's suffrage]. Small yellow envelope addressed to Mrs. M.E. Joslyn Gage, Fayetteville, N.Y. August [no year]. "Horace Greeley" written across the front in pencil. No contents.

6 verso Blank

7 ALS S.B. Anthony, Rochester, N.Y., to Mrs. Gage. 18 Dec. 1854. Re conventions planned in the state of New York. Envelope from Anthony letter. Photo of James Whitcomb Riley [cut from a magazine].

7 verso ALS. Edward S. Willard [actor] to Williams. 2 April 1897. Includes newspaper clippings re Willard.

8 ALS. Edward S. Willard, Buff House, Banstead, Surrey, to Williams. 1 Dec. 1899. Thanking him for copy of Andrew Lang's book. ACS. Edward S. Willard to Way and Williams. 18 March 1899. Requesting copies of Hand and Soul. ALS. Edward S. Willard to Williams. Thanking him for copy of Hand and Soul.

8 verso ALS. Julian Ralph [journaalist and author] to Williams n.d. [c. 1895J. Re possibility of meeting in New York.

9 ALS. Julian Ralph to Williams. 9 Oct. 1895. Re Beach, an essayist he had recommended.

9 verso ACS. Wm. Rossetti [brother of Dante Gabriel] 3 St. Edmund's Terrace, London NW, to Williams. 15 Jan. 1895. Thanking him for copy of Blessed Damozel.

10 ALS. Beatrice Harraden to Williams. 27 Feb. [no year: c. 1896]. Re author of mss. on the Grand Canyon.

10 verso Blank

11 ALS. Walter Besant[English novelist and social reformer], Frognal End, Hampstead NW, to John Cowley Brown. 29 April 1899. Re Stanley Waterloo.

11 verso ALS. G.F. Watts, Monkshaten, Guildford, to "Dear Sir." 15 March 1891. Written in pencil underneath: "One of Ellen Terry's husbands."

12 Printed pamphlet. "Last Drawing from Life of Mr. W.E. Gladstone." Reproductions of four crayon studies of Gladstone done at St. Swithin's Church, Bournemouth, by A.S. Forest in March 1898. One drawing has inscription visible: "To J.M. Dent Esq. from A.S. Forest." Published by the Quartier Latin.

12 verso Blank

13 Six typed mss. pages. Written in pencil on the left side of first page: "From an impossible mss. by 'Capt.' Kemeys, the sculptor."

13 verso Sepia-tinted photograph of woman and child. No identification. Photograph with caption: "Robert Louis Stevenson. From the Saint-Gaudens medallion now being exhibited in Paris."[Cut from a magazine.] Photograph with caption: "The Zola Medal by Alexander Charpentier." [Cut from a magazine.) Photograph with caption: "Reverse of Zola Medal.'' [Cut from a magazine.]

14 Photograph of drawing by S.H. Sime with caption -"'From an Ultimate Dim Thule.' (A Record of Dreams)." [Cut from a magazine.] "The Man in the Moon." Illustration by Maxfield Parrish for Mother Goose in Prose. [Cut from a magazine.] Small sepia-tinted oval photograph of Japanese girl in kimono.

14 verso Portrait photograph of Herbert Spencer. [Cut from a magazine.] Portrait of Mr. Hall Caine drawn and signed by Ernest Haskell. [Cut from a magazine.] Photo of sculpture of wolf. Written in ink below: "After the Feast/Gray Wolf by Edward Kemeys."

15 2 typed mss. pages of poem "Sir Premature Fly" signed by Richard Mansfield, 4 West 28th St.

15 verso Facsimile page from The New England Courant. Boston, Monday, 4 Feb. 1723; the first newspaper printed by Benjamin Franklin. Reprinted in 1888 by the Bostonian Society.

16 Original pen and ink drawing for bookplate: "HIS [B]OOK/CHAVNCEY LAWRENCE WILLIAMS." [Drawn by Frank Hazenplug, see page 28.]

16 verso Original cover for The Quartier Latin, July 1896. Cover art by "H[enr]y. G. Fangel." Drawing of man's head surrounded by artifacts. [Cut from a magazine.] Written underneath in ink: "Mr. Donkin, Sec'y Alpine Club London/Surgeon, Photographer of the Alps, violinist/Killed in the Caucasus Mts. 1888."

17 ALS. Orson Lowell [artist], NYC, to Williams, 3 Dec. 1897. Photograph of two men playing golf. One on right identified as CLW. Photograph of Indian aristocrat. No identification. Calling card belonging to William Allen White.

17 verso 4 original pen and ink drawings signed and dated "Will Bradley 96."

18 Printed invitation. "The City Improvement Society would announce that hon. Milton Reed...will lecture on William Morris ... May 21st... You are cordially invited to be present." [Features reproduction of page from the Kelmscott Chaucer.] Small card with pen and ink drawing of person on fence with inscription: "With all good wishes/O[ctave] T[hanet.]/Her/Mark." B/W photograph with caption written underneath in ink: "Agre-Tomb of Himad-ud-davlah." B/W photo of young man in Dionysian-looking costume. [Possibly by F.H. Day?] Envelope addressed to "Mademoiselle Lotta Demuth/ Violin virtuoso/Oberlin Conservatory of Music/ Oberlin, Ohio" containing birth announcement from Mr. and Mme. Henri Marteau of their son Jean-Sebastien.

18 verso ALS. Anthony H. Hawkins to Williams, Chicago, 9 Dec. 1897. Regretting he cannot accept luncheon invitation. Calling card of Andrew Sheriden Burt/Colonel 25th Infantry/United States Army.

19 Drawing of man at piano with caption: 'Vladimir de Pachmann, the Original Chopinzee" by Ike Morgan [cut from a magazineJ. Series of small photogaphs of man with large mustache in hat and overcoat. No ID. Drawing of dog on barrell. Written in ink underneath: "The jeune premier of the Troup.'' Photograph of man identified in handwritten caption underneath as George Bentham [artist for the Chicago Post and bibliophile). "Pups and Promises," by C. S.[sic] Williams. Magazine article by Williams.

19 verso ALS. "Dear Mamma" from Chauncey [L. Williams, Jr.]. n.d. [c. 1904]. Williams's son to his stepmother.

20 ALS. Beatrice Harraden to Chauncey Lawrence Williams, Jr., 22 Jan. 1895, on the occasion of his birth. Photo of George Eliot. Brochure from the Nikko Hotel in Japan [in English].

20 verso Blueprint of photograph identified below as "The Colorado River from Fort Yuma, Arizona, 1888." [Possibly by L. Frank Baum?] B/W picture postcard: "King Arthur's Castle, Tintagel."

21 ALS. Gilbert Parker, Paris, to Mr. Kimball. 11 July [no year: c. 1895], requesting 4 copies of Valmond. Attached to the letter is a photo of Parker cut from a magazine with biographical information below. 4/c picture postcard. No ID.

21 verso 5 blueprints of photogaphs c. 1890s. One is of Allen White with three women. [Alice French in Arkansas?]

22 Sample cover for A Book of True Lovers by Octave Thanet [Alice French]. Beige linen stamped with black and green illustration of 2 women in rockers by J.C. Leyendecker.

22 verso Blank

23 ALS. Julian Ralph to Williams, 21 May 1895.

23 verso TLS. Honore J. Jaxon to Williams, 20 Oct. 1897. Re his plant for "producing and treating of a gold and silver bearing ore."

24 2 B/W photos: Jaxon's plant in Chicago and Jaxon with two unidentified men.

24 verso "The Versatile Jaxon." Article cut from magazine: with photos.

25 Continuation of Jaxon article and 2 B/W photos of what must be Jaxon's plant.

25 verso Blank

26 B/W picture postcard: Gibraltar. 4/c picture postcard: "September Morn," by Paul Chabas, c. 1912.

26 verso 9 bookplates, including The John Crerar Library, Chicago; Eugene Field; Charles Dexter Allen 1893 by WHWB; Wilbur Macey Stone; Malcom Newton Stone 1896 by RIW.

27 4 bookplates: Edwin Hawley Hewitt by F.C. Brown 1897. Howard Greene by Frank Hazenplug 1897 with note in ink that he is the husband of Elizabeth McMynn CLW's sister-in-law A.A. Sprague Francis Wilson by WHWB.

27 verso 9 bookplates: Robert Burns Peattie by Enright 1901 Henry Clay [and) Helen Burgess Ranney by E.D. French 1897 Hiram Edmund Deats, Flemington, N.J., by E.D. French 1894 Pauline Stone Francis W. Walker Sophia Morris Library of the YMCA, Hartford, CT. Bequest of Charles M. Pond by WMB 1897

28 8 bookplates: Chauncey Lawrence Williams by Geo. R. Helm Chauncey Lawrence WIlliams by Maxfield Parrish [not signed] Chauncey Lawrence Williams by Frank Hazenplug [see p.16 for the original art.] Charles J. Morse: 3 with oriental motif Sterling Haight Bunnell by F.C. Brown Charles Dickens

28 verso 9 bookplates, all English

29 9 bookplates: Pauline Taylor Itha May Lenox by FCB [F.C. Brown) Marian Allen The Lighthouse Establishment Bureau of Navigation, Navy Dept. Sylvia Mary Allen Barrett B. Russell Jr. by F.C. Brown 1897 Frances Louise Allen by T.B. Hapgood Jr 1898

29 verso TLS. Williams to the editor of the Aegis, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc. [crossed out in ink], 6 Nov. 1895. Re the death of Eugene Field [poet]. [Probably never sent.] On Way and Williams stationery.

30 Printed invitation to annual meeting of the Grolier Club, 21 Feb. 1894.

30 verso ALS. Charles B. Loomis to Williams, 15 June 1903.

31 ALS. Alice French, Davenport, Iowa, to Williams, 1 July 1897. 4/c picture postcard. No ID. B/W picture postcard: "Old Post Office, Tintagel. Valentine Series."

31 verso Two political cartoons cut from a newspaper. Written underneath in ink: "These cartoons by F. Opper appeared daily in the Hearst papers the New York Journal and the Chicago American during a month or two before the assassination of McKinley. Many newspapers attached much blame to Hearst by reason of the nature of these cartoons and even went so far as to say they did much to incite anarchy and were in a large measure responsible for the murder of the President."

32 Two F. Opper political cartoons from 1902 cut from newspapers.

32 verso B/W photo with caption in pencil: "Julia Marlowe at her country home." Small B/W photo of mountain scenery.

33 Photo [cut from magazine] with caption: "William Lightfoot Visscher, Author of 'Way Out Yonder.''' Photo [cut from magazine] with caption: "William Lightfoot Visscher Relating a Pleasant Anecdote to Opie Read." ALS. Opie Read to Williams. n.d. [1895] Re error on title page of Bolanyo. [Written on Way and Williams stationery.]

33 verso B/W portrait photo of Opie Read. n.d. 4/c picture postcard. No ID [Europe?] AL. The Duchess of St. Albans to Way and Williams requesting a copy of The Real Issue.

34 Small poster. Drawing of two men in silhouette seen from behind. Above their heads: "Great Double Bill/ The Kentucky Colonel and Arkansas Traveler/ Benefit Press Club, Chicago." Signed by T.J. Nicholl. Written in ink below man on left: "My dear Mr. Williams - please help me reach up to this exalted altitude then[?] I will turn my back to obscurity Wm. Visscher." Written on the right side of the man on the right: "One of these men is in bad company Williams/Opie Read."

34 verso B/W photo of Whistler's "Mother." On it stamped in red the word "Specimen." Lower right corner: "T. Way. Impt. London."

35 Catalogue from the Kelmscott Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith. November 26, 1895. B/W picture postcard: "Clovelly High Street, above New Inn." 4/c picture postcard: "43349. Tintagel, King Arthur's Castle Hotel."

35 verso Two B/W photos identified as "A Moki Maiden at Walpi. Maude" Photo. xx Two B/W photos of a Moki maiden (continuation of above). xx verso Original photograph. "The Marble Faun" [1897]. Identified underneath in pencil as "by F.H. Day." B/W photo portraits of 2 men, printed on a ribbon. No identification [possibly political campaign ephemeral.] Drawing of man and woman. Signed Orson Lowel B/W photo of man looking at huge thermometer with caption written in ink: "Cranmoor, Wisconsin. February 10/99. 54 below zero."

36 Original drawing for cover of Stanley Waterloo's A Man and A Woman. Written underneath in pencil "by F.X. Leyendecker." Watercolor and gouache.

36 verso Preliminary cover drawing by Will Bradley for Stanley Waterloo's The Story of AB. Pencil and wash.

37 Pen and ink drawing of man in 18th century clothing. Identified above as "by Robert Blum."

37 verso ALS. Maxfield Parrish, Philadelphia, to Williams. n.d. [1897]. Re his desire to do another book for Way and Williams. Also mentions that "Russell, the New York publisher, has seen Mother Goose and wants me to do a children's book for him."

38 Pamphlet. "The Pan-American Message/President McKinley's Last Public Address." Text of speech delivered at the Buffalo Exposition, 5 Sept. 1901. Pencil drawing of man in turban Pencil drawing of scorpion. Initials NHML in pencil.

38 verso Invitation. "Mr. Will Bradley, assisted by Mesdames Hawkins, Nichols, Wesson, Harris, Corcoran and Abbe, invites you to a private showing of some few posters and various other attempts at art on the evening of January twenty-ninth at eight o'clock, at his studio, Anno M DCCC XC VI." Black ink on charcoal gray paper. Drawing front upper right in black and white. Notecard. White ink on charcoal gray paper. "Mr. and Mrs. Williams/Chicago." [Calligraphy probably by Bradley.]

39 Etching by Charles Francis Brown used as frontispiece for Opie Read's Bolayno. 2 4/c picture postcards [one is duplicate of card on p. 31]. No ID.

39 verso Proof on Japan vellum of Frank Lloyd Wright's title page for The Eve of Saint Agnes by John Keats. "Printed at the Auvergne Press by William H. Winslow and Chauncey L. Williams 1896." Black and red ink.

40 Mailing label. Maxfield Parrish [S. 11th St., Phila.] to Williams, Chicago. n.d. [c. 1897].

40 verso Printed brochure announcing June contents for Bradley, His Book. "A Little Magazine of interesting reading, interspersed with various bits of art, and privately printed at the Wayside Press, Springfield, Mass. U.S.A." Mailing label. Bradley, His Book to Williams. n.d.

41 Copy of illustration (woman holding a lute) with inscription in pencil: -To Chauncey L. Williams/ with the compliments of/Edmund H. Garrett."

41 verso Print. Man in profile with castle in background. "Frank Hazenplug 1890" on left. Inscribed in black ink: "Sincerely yours, Frank Hazenplug." Photo of Frank Hazenplug. Illustration of the Annunciation. Initials FH bottom left.

42 Announcement from the Grolier Club re exhibition of illuminated and painted mss. 5 May 1892.

42 verso Typed ms. of poem "The Little Room - A Defense."

43 ALS. Stanley Waterloo to Williams, 6 Feb. 1897. Re dues to Press Club of Chicago.

43 verso AL. [Stanley Waterloo] to Williams, Wednesday, n.d. [1897].

44 ALS. Stanley Waterloo to Williams, 27 April 1897.

44 verso ALS. Alice French, Davenport, Iowa, to Williams. 27 Sept. 1899. Drawing of a young woman [cut from a magazine) with caption: "Il Penseroso. From the etching by Otto J. Schneider." Yellow envelope addressed to Mr. C.L. Williams, Broadway, New York. Postmarked 10 Nov. 1902. Return address "Reed Manufacturing Company, Erie, Pa." No contents.

45 Brochure for architecture firm of Frank Lloyd Wright. Inside contains copy of architectural drawing captioned: " Floor plans of Oak Park Draughting Rooms and Business Office in the Rookery, Chicago." Black and red ink on gray paper. Brochure for exhibition of original poster designs by J.C. Leyendecker. "Under the auspices of 'The Inland Printer' Chicago, Jan. 11-31, 1898.

45 verso Blank

46 Blank

46 verso Passport document. Chauncey L. WIlliams, 4 June 1892. Gives physical description at age 20.

47 TLS. Will Bradley, The Wayside Press, to Williams, 29 Dec. 1896. Re his desire to print a 64-page book. Asks for suggestions. 4/c picture postcard [Morocco?]

47 verso ALS. Will Bradley, Wayside Press, to Williams. 27 Aug. no year. [1897]. Re his covers for Way and Williams and his business situation. Invitation from the Grolier Club to exhibition of engraved work of Asher Brown Durand. 25 April 1895.

48 ALS. Alice French, Clover Bend, Ark., to Williams. 6 Dec. 1897. Congratulating him on the birth of his son [John] and thanking him for the books he sent.

48 verso Printed admission card. Ladies Day at the Grolier Club. 12 March 1895. Printed card from the Grolier Club announcing exhibition of Japanese prints, 10 April 1896. Brochure from the Old Absinthe House, New Orleans, describing composition of absinthe.

49 Broadside. "Noguchi's Song Unto Brother Americans." Poem. Aug. 1897. Oakland, Calif. Inscribed "For Mr. C.L. Williams. Your Noguchi. When did you send my book? I like to think about you much[?]."

49 verso Will Bradley's original pen and ink drawing for the cover of The Singing Mouse by C. Hough. [Forest and Stream, NY, 1895]. 10 original pen and ink drawings by W.S. Philips for The Singing Mouse

50 Original drawings and blueprints for The Singing Mouse by W.S. Philips. Sepia-tinted photo of river. No ID.

50 verso ALS. R.M. Johnston, Bureau of Education, to Williams. 19 June 1897. Re his work, "Pearce Amerson's Will."

51 ALS. Goldwin Smith, The Grange, Toronto, to Way and Williams. 11 November 1897. Thanking them for sending copy of The Story of Ab. ALS. Charles King to Williams. n.d. Re their luncheon appointment.

51 verso ALS. Stanley Waterloo to Williams. 5 Aug. 1897. Apology in verse.

52 Advertisement for the Locomobile Company of America. 1917.

52 verso Original pen and ink drawing by Frank Hazenplug for "Sing a Song 0' Sixpence." Signed.

53 Original cover and spine art by J.C. Leyendecker for Charles F. Lummis's The Enchanted Burro.

53 verso 8 black and white illustrations (copies) by HLK. 1 in green and yellow.

54 Drawing of the Virgin Mary by Frank Hazenplug. Captioned: "Drawing by Frank Hazenplug November 1896 vol. I no. 3." [Cut from a magazine.]

54 verso Print. Female nude. Signed "J. Leyendecker."

55 Invitation the the monthly meeting of the Grolier Club. 5 March 1896.

55 verso Envelope addressed to Williams, Chicago, from Maxfield Parrish, Philadelphia [c. 1897].

56 4/c picture postcard. No ID.

56 verso 4 proofs of illustrations for Stanley Waterloo's The Story of AB by Simon Harmon Vedder.

57 4 proofs of illustrations [same as p. 56 verso]

57 verso 2 proofs of illustrations for Story of AB. 1 litho of forest scene. [Signed?]

58 "The Magic Circle." [1919]. Advertisement for Fisk Tires from Life magazine featuring reproduction of original painting done for Fisk by Maxfield Parrish.

58 verso ALS. William Marion Reedy to Williams. 6 Sept. 1911. TLS. Williams to William Marion Reedy. 9 Sept. 1911. B/W photo of Reedy.

59 6 engravings of animals by Evert van Muyden, 1893. Self-portrait by Evert van Muyden. Paris, 1893.

59 verso 4 engravings by Evert van Muyden. 1893. Advertisement for Tabloid Tea showing Japanese scene in silhouette.

60 4 4/c picture postcards of flowers.

60 verso Pencil-drawn caricature of Teddy Roosevelt. Inscribed "To Mr. C.L. Williams. With my best regards, [??]. June 16/08

61 AL [no signature] to Williams. 30 Nov. 1902.

61 verso Tear sheet from Saturday Evening Post. "William Allen White," by Samuel G. Blythe, 15 June 1907.

62 Photograph. Opie Read. Inscribed "For Chauncey L. Williams/Opie Read." [1897]

62 verso Blank

63 Photograph. John Vance Cheney. Inscribed "Very sincerely yours, John Vance Cheney." [26 Feb. 1897].

63 verso Blank

64 Original cover art by Maxfield Parrish for Opie Read's Bolanyo

64 verso Blank

65 Gift card. "With the compliments of John Lane, London, and Way and Williams, Chicago." Red ink on cream stock.

65 verso Blank

66 Blank

66 verso Envelope addressed to Chauncey Williams, 1123 Broadway, Engineering Review, NY, NY. Return address: The Gazette, Emporia, Kansas. Postmarked 4 Dec. 1902.

67 James L. Ford's review of The Acrobatic Muse by R.K. Munkittrick, published by Way and Williams. New York Journal, 1 December 1896.

67 verso Blank

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