About the Harold Schiffman Music Library




The Harold Schiffman Music Library is located in room 211 (first left after you come in the main entrance) of the Music Building. This building is located at the corner of Market and McIver streets - here are directions.

The collections of the Harold Schiffman Music Library support and enhance the teaching, research and performing activities of UNCG by providing music resources, information, and services required by students, faculty, staff, and community members.

For further information or assistance call 336.334.5771 or x5610, or contact our staff.


Homepage: http://library.uncg.edu/info/depts/music
Harold Schiffman Music Library: 336.334.5771
College of Visual and Performing Arts: 336.334.5789
Fax: 336.256.0155

Mailing Address

Harold Schiffman Music Library
Music Building - UNCG
PO Box 26170
Greensboro NC 27402-6170

Street Address (for deliveries)

Harold Schiffman Music Library
100 McIver Street
Greensboro NC 27402-6170 USA
Directions/Visiting the Harold Schiffman Music Library

Harold Schiffman Music Library Holdings

Print Materials:

Scores: 32,036
Books: 19,934
Serial Titles: 184
Total: 52,154


Discs: 9,879
Compact Discs: 6,647
UNCG Recital Recordings: 3,497
Video Tape: 567
Reel to Reel: 86
Kits: 51
CD ROMs: 33
Video Discs: 19
DVD: 49
Total: 20,828

Circulation Policies

Facilities and Equipment

There are 24 public computers located in the Harold Schiffman Music Library with access to the UNCG online catalog and various internet resources. Also the Library offers: 1 Seminar Room, 2 Group Listening Rooms, and 8 Graduate Carrels

The Harold Schiffman Music Library houses:

  • 4 Turntables
  • 5 CD Players
  • 7 Cassette Players
  • 1 Reel-to-reel Player
  • 2 TV/VCRs
  • 1 Laserdisc Player
  • 1 DVD Player
  • 1 DAT Deck
  • 2 Boom Boxes

The TV/VCRs may be checked out for classroom use only.