Goals and Objectives


  • Provide timely pre- and post-processing, description, and classification of all materials so library patrons have access to materials quickly
  • Ensure that cataloging is of appropriate caliber depending on type of material; materials that are rare or unique are given fuller cataloging
  • Identify, verify, evaluate, edit, or create original bibliographic records, following national guidelines and local procedures
  • Organize the library’s holdings to meet local needs and to facilitate retrieval and optimal use
  • Ensure faculty articles and electronic thesis and dissertations are added to NC DOCKS and the later to the catalog in a timely matter
  • Participate in digital projects especially in the areas of subject and descriptive metadata, authority control and some scanning
  • Maintain records in the online catalog for accuracy of holdings and location, as well as accuracy and consistency in retrieval of name and subject information
  • Contribute new records and enhanced or upgraded records to the OCLC database; maintain accurate holdings in OCLC
  • Maintain and support our team of competent, knowledgeable, and committed staff
  • Provide excellent service to staff in other departments and library patrons, answering questions and resolving problems
  • Make effective use of OCLC, local system, vendor services, software and hardware