Placing Papers Authored by Students on Reserve:

Student-authored papers may be placed on traditional reserve and ereserves if they meet the Photocopy Guidelines and written permission is given by the student author(s):

  • Statement must be specific as to length of time permission is given
    • For the current term to share with classmates
    • For future terms to share with future students
  • Statements can be written on the papers or on an attached sheet.
    • If student prefers anonymity, place permission statement on a separate sheet of paper. Separate sheets will not be included in the reserve documents.
  • Examples of statements:
    • "I/We agree to have this paper placed on reserve for the duration of the (current) semester." Followed by signature(s).
    • "I/We agree to have this paper placed on reserve as needed at the discretion of (Instructor’s Name)." Followed by signatures(s).

Please remove any references to ID or SS numbers and any other personal information from the papers before submitting them for reserve.