Reserve Forms

Instructors are required to submit reserve lists each time items are placed on reserve, print or e-Reserve. If new, choose one of the options below for preparing the list. If the list has been on reserve in the past, we returned your original list to you via campus mail. Please update that list and resubmit it or provide a new list to reactivate your reserves.

How Do I Place Materials On Reserve?

  • New online form - send your requests to us electronically
  • Reserve Form [PDF file] - print, handwrite and deliver this form and accompanying materials to the Check Out Desk in Jackson Library or mail them to the Reserve Office, Room 118, Jackson Library.
  • Paper copies of the reserve form are available for pick up at the Check Out Desk in Jackson Library.

NOTE: It is our policy to allow items on reserve in the library computer system and in Blackboard to sort in the manner in which those systems provide. To see more information on this policy, read the Policy Regarding Order of Reserve Listings Online.

Directions for Filling Out Reserve Lists:

  • Type or legibly write in black or blue ink.
  • Provide call numbers as follows:
    • Library books - complete call number from our catalog including volumes, editions, and number of copies needed.
    • Photocopies/Ereserves - use “Photocopy”. (If we need to make copies provide citations and call numbers in the title block.)
    • Personal Copies of materials other than photocopies - use “Personal Copy”
  • Provide loan periods as follows:
  • Provide authors and titles. For all materials that you want the library to find and provide, you must provide the complete source information to find them. eReserves may be titled any way that you want. If you are providing them, make sure that the title you want them listed under in Blackboard appears on page one of the reading and in the title block on the list. If you want us to make the copies, you will need to provide the title you want it listed under followed by the complete course title and citation information. Citation information is not required on Reserve lists unless it is needed for us to find the materials to make photocopies.
  • To expedite the downloading and printing of Electronic Reserves, pdf files are limited 25 pages per file. When providing photocopies for Electronic Reserves that are longer than 25 pages, you may decide where it is best to break them into parts and do so by submitting each part as a separate piece. If we make the copies or you do not divide them into parts, we will decide where to divide them. In order to meet Copyright guidelines, identify the parts, and clue students that they need to find all of the parts in the computer Reserve list. The parts should be marked as follows
    • Individual parts of the same reading should be identified by the designation “-part a”, “-part b”, “-part c”, etc. attached to the end of title article or chapter. (Example: World War in Review-part a)
    • Each part must have the full citation appearing on its first page.
    • The last page of each part, except the final part, must have “continued by part a”, “continued by part b”, etc. written at the end of the text
  • For materials that need to be ordered, provide the complete citation in the title block and write or type order in the call number block.
  • The order of materials on the reserve form is up to the instructor. Our system precludes a consistent ordering of print materials in the online Reserve Search list. eReserves on Blackboard will list alphabetically by the title listed in the title block on the reserve form. To list eReserve by author, put the author as the title or as the first words of the title.
  • Please Note: Some items above require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. You may download it from the Adobe web site.