Placing Items on Reserve

Check Out/Reserves Desk: 336.334.5245 or 336.334.5304

Reserve Office:  336.256.1199

Email the Reserve Office:

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Types of Reserves Offered

There are 2 basic types of reserves, print and eReserves:

Print reserves consist of library and personally owned materials placed on reserve by instructors for courses. Materials may include books, software, photocopies, and other media including DVD's, VHS tapes, and CD's. Materials from the Harold Schiffman Music Library may be placed on reserve in Jackson and vice versa.

  • To place DVD’s and VHS tapes from the Jackson Library Instructional Film and Entertainment Collections on reserve contact Cathy Rothermel, Instructional Media Consultant, 336.334.5310. Viewing stations are available in Jackson Library.

Location and availability information are accessible in the library catalog. Users wishing to read or view print reserves must go to the checkout desk of the library in which the materials are located.

eReserves are documents stored in pdf format and accessible through Blackboard @ UNCG. Access is limited to students, faculty, and staff teaching or enrolled in each specific course and section. Authentication is via the UNCG Novell account username and password.  Move info is available below in the What Are eReserves? link.

Caution! If copying Blackboard course materials from previous semesters, do so before making your eReserve requests to us.  If the previous semester course had eReserves, you must remove the link manually.  If you do not, your new requests will not show up in your new course.  For help with this task, please  contact your Instructional Technology Consultant as Reserves staff does not have the ability to perform this task for you.

Basic Information

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who can place materials on reserve?

Anyone teaching a course at UNCG may place materials on print and eReserve for the courses they teach. Instructors may send reserve lists and materials to us through representatives.

Also, materials may be placed on print and eReserve to support UNCG-related seminars, programs, speakers, and workshops. eReserves of this nature are stored in Content Collection tab in Blackboard under Library Content.

Music courses are best served by the reserves in the Harold Schiffman Music Library.

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What items can be placed on reserve?

Reserve materials should be limited to required or heavy demand materials. Materials intended for supplementary or selective reading are best used from the regular stacks or the original electronic sources.

What can be placed on reserve:

  • Libraries materials belonging to the general collections.  If the Libraries do not own the materials needed, you can request through us that they be ordered.  Materials may include books, software, photocopies, audio visual and other media including DVD's, VHS tapes, and CD's from the University Teaching and Learning Center and the Harold Schiffman Music Library which may be placed on reserve in Jackson as an alternate to their home location.  (Note:  Any VHS tapes placed on reserve in Jackson must be on a 1, 3, or 7 day loan period as there is no VHS viewing equipment available in Jackson.)
  • Photocopied materials that meet copyright criteria may be placed on print or eReserve.
    • Please see the Guidelines for photocopying.
    • Photocopies that are commercially produced and bound or that exceed Fair Use Copyright criteria can only be placed on reserve with written permission from the copyright holders.
  • Personal Copies of materials are placed on 2 Hour Reserve and restricted to building use.
    • The Library cannot be responsible for the abuse or loss of personal materials.
    • Personal copies may include books, software, audio visuals and other types of media. (Notes:  1.  Software and AV media requiring longer than 2 hours to use may be placed on 2 Hour Building Use Only Reserve.  2.  Exception - any VHS tapes placed on reserve in Jackson must be on a 1, 3, or 7 day loan period as there is no VHS viewing equipment available in Jackson.)
    • The Library does not purchase textbooks. Personally owned textbooks may be placed on reserve.
  • Student authored papers may be placed on reserve and eReserve but require written permission from the authoring student(s).

What cannot be placed on reserve:

  • Reference Books
  • Electronic books (but if a library owned print copy to which we also have ebook access is placed on reserve, the link to the ebook is present)
  • Closed Stacks Materials
  • University Archives/Special Collections Materials
  • Photocopy materials that do not meet copyright criteria unless accompanied by written copyright permission to place on reserve
  • Commercially bound and produced materials unless accompanied by written copyright permission to place on reserve
  • Unpublished anthologies created by the instructor unless accompanied by written copyright permission to place on reserve
  • Bound Periodicals and other Library materials marked Building Use Only may not be placed on reserve unless approved by the Assistant Head or Head, Access Services
  • Materials belonging to other libraries

We reserve the right to decline materials based upon the above criteria, space, and appropriateness considerations.

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How do I place materials on reserve?

To place materials on reserve, it is the responsibility of the instructor to complete a Reserve Book List form.

  • Reserve lists document the materials requested for reserve and are used by the Reserves staff to organize and process them.
  • Once materials are available on reserve, lists are placed in the Reserve Notebooks to provide access to the information needed by students to obtain them.
  • All forms must be word processed, typed, or legibly handwritten in blue or black ink; no pencil please.

Reserve Forms are available as a PDF file or paper copies of blank forms are available from the Check Out Desk.

Follow these links for more information:

It is our policy to allow items on reserve in the library computer system and in Blackboard to sort in the manner in which those systems provides.  To see more information on this policy, read the Policy Regarding Order of Reserve Listings Online.

The following options for gathering the materials are available:

  • For library books: we provide the service of pulling the books from the stacks; however, the placement of the material on reserve can be expedited if you bring them to us.
  • For photocopies for print or eReserves: we can gather the source materials and photocopy up to 100 sheets of paper per course per semester limited to only one copy per title. The instructor can choose not to use this service at all or to provide copies in excess of 100 sheets.
    • Photocopies submitted for reserves should be copied according to the Guidelines for Photocopying.
    • Unless otherwise instructed, we will assume that all photocopies submitted are intended for eReserve. We will screen each copy to see if it meets the guidelines.

Copies not meeting copyright guidelines will not be placed on reserve. Copies that do not meet the other guidelines will not be placed on eReserve, but will be placed on traditional reserve the interim. In both cases, instructors will receive through the campus mail detailed information as to what s/he can do to revise the photocopies meet the guidelines.

If copies are intended for print reserves, we recommend 1 copy for every 10 students with a maximum of 5 copies total.  We can provide only 1 on copy of any reading.

Deliver or mail reserve lists and accompanying materials to the Check Out Desk located on the first floor of Jackson Library. Or email lists and accompanying materials to   (We discourage emailing reserve requests to individual staff members.)

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How long does it take to put materials on reserve?

Lists received after the guarantee dates will be processed in order of receipt and may take up to 2 weeks in Fall and Spring, 1 week in Summer, to be available. The approximate period of time for which this is true is the first 3 weeks of Fall and Spring and the first week of Summer.

After the initial heavy processing period, the amount of time it takes to place materials on reserve is shortened substantially. The time it takes depends upon the amount of material and other factors such as how long it takes to gather, photocopy, and scan the materials. In most cases whereby the instructor submits the material with the list, it is available in a day or less. Under normal circumstances, lengthier or more labor intense lists are placed on reserve within 3 days of submission.

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How do I know when reserve materials are available?

It is the responsibility of the instructor to verify that materials are available before assignments are made. Please do not make any Reserve assignments until you have verified that they materials are on reserve. We would much rather put our manpower into getting materials on reserve than into explaining to students why reserve readings are not available.

To determine if print Reserves are available, go to the Library Catalog.

  • Click on Search in the top-left corner of the catalog, then select Course Reserves to search for Print and Media Reserve items.
  • Limit your search to either specific Reserve items, or search for all the items on reserve for a course.
  • Select to include Inactive courses in your results, if you are looking for items that will be on Reserve in the future.

The Reserve Staff will notify instructors by campus mail when books are not available. Reasons may include:

  • Recalls - items are checked out to patrons for regular loan; we have asked them to return as soon as possible.
  • Locates - items are listed as available in our catalog, but we can not find them; we will search for 3 weeks, the reorder.
  • Ordered - we do not own theses items or our copies are lost; we have reordered and will notify you when they arrive.
  • Need more information - we can't determine what you wanted based upon the info given; we need you to clarify.

To determine if eReserves are available, access your course(s) in Blackboard and view the eReserve tab (Hint: if there is no eReserve tab yet, they are not ready.)

The Reserves Staff will notify instructors by campus mail when photocopies or eReserves are not available for any of the following reasons:

  • Materials do not meet copyright guidelines according to Fair Use.
  • Materials do not meet criteria for ereserves outlined in the Guidelines for Photocopying.
  • Source materials cannot be located in the Library.
  • Source materials are recalled.
  • Source materials are on order or we are unable to order.

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How do I remove materials from reserve?

It is the responsibility of the instructor to let us know whether to retain or remove reserve lists at the end of each term. Materials for which we receive no instructions will be removed.

  • Links to all eReserves will be broken at the end of each term. Instructors will receive letters explaining what has happened and what to do to reinstate them later.
  • Print reserve materials will be removed after the processing of new materials for the next term slows down. .
  • Unless instructed otherwise or they are too large, Personal Copies will be returned through the campus mail. If you prefer to pick them up or to send a representative to do so, please let us know. If they are too large for the campus mail, we will call and/or email to tell you they are ready to pick up. Due to a minimum amount of storage space, prompt pick up of these materials is greatly appreciated.

Instructors may request that reserve materials on for the courses they teach be removed from reserve at anytime throughout the term as well. Individual items or entire lists can be removed. The amount of time it takes to remove materials from reserve varies according to the type and amount of material. It is best to call ahead to alert us if you need to have materials removed right away. We can give you an estimate as to how long it will take.

Often, instructors wish to remove from reserve or extend the loan period of individual items that may or may not be on reserve for the courses they teach so that specific individuals can check them out for a loan period longer than the one for which they are on reserve. We can easily accommodate these requests if the individual items are on reserve for only your courses. If they are on reserve for courses taught by other instructors, we will attempt to arrange clearance from those instructors. Please understand that, for this reason, we may not be able to accommodate every request.

  • It is best to contact us in advance to make arrangements for this type of request. If you cannot call, we will accept signed requests written on University letterhead delivered by the individual needing the items. Please include the following in the request - the name of the individual needing the items, the titles of the items, and the length of time for which the items are needed.