Ordering Materials for Reserve

Orders for materials to go on reserve can be placed either through Reserves or the Acquisitions Department.

To order through Reserves:

  • List the materials on the reserve list, providing complete citations, and put "order" in the call number block.
  • If it is known that the materials are available at any local bookstore, please indicate which one on the list.
  • Material marked "order" on reserve lists will be "rush" ordered for reserve. Until the last day to submit reserves to guarantee availability on the first day of classes, Reserve lists are screened for book orders upon receipt and the orders are placed immediately. After the guarantee date passes, orders are placed when the lists are processed.
  • To order through Acquisitions:

    • Submit orders though the electronic Book Purchase Request form.
    • Be sure to indicate on your orders that they are for reserve and include the course number and term.
    • When you submit your reserve list, include these materials on the list and put “on order” in the call number column to clue us in. The date the order was placed is helpful but not required.

    Under normal circumstances, it takes approximately 6 weeks to obtain and process books purchased from vendors; 1 week from local bookstores.

    The Library does not purchase textbooks. Personally owned copies may be placed on reserve.

    You will be notified when:

    • the materials are received
    • if there are any problems related to their receipt
    • the materials are out of print
    • the materials have excessive cost