Due Dates for Reserve Materials

To ensure availability on the first day of classes in the winter and spring 2011 terms, please submit requests:

  • For new reserve lists and additions to existing reserve lists for summer no later than Friday, May 6, 2011; for fall, no later than Friday, July 29, 2011.
  • To renew spring lists for summer and/or fall by May 6, 2011. If no renewal request is received, fall 2010 lists will be removed from reserve beginning December 16, 2010.

Please Note: Some documentation requires a free Microsoft Office Reader. Please select the appropriate reader and download it from the Microsoft web site. Each Office file type link is labeled as such.

Lists turned in after the above dates will be processed in the order of receipt unless:

  • the instructor is new at UNCG
  • the instructor did not know that s/he was going to teach the class
  • the bookstores did not acquire enough copies to meet need

When submitting reserve lists, please alert us to these factors.

To get started:

  • To create a new Course Reserve list or to add materials to an existing list, read the directions, obtain and fill out the list. Don’t forget to select a loan period for each print item.
  • To renew the list you used in fall 2010 or use it for a different course, call us at 336.256.1199 or email us at reserves@uncg.edu. Tell us the specific course and section number for the fall list you wish to transfer and the course and section number for the winter and/or spring class
  • What if my course was removed and I want to use that list again? Removed lists are returned to your campus address via campus mail. If a list you wish to reuse was removed, you will need to update the course and term, make any needed changes to the readings and resubmit it as a new list, or provide a new list.

Caution! If copying Blackboard course materials from previous semesters, do so before making your eReserve requests to us. If the previous semester course had eReserves, you must remove the link manually. If you do not, your new requests will not show up in your new course. For help with this task, please contact your Instructional Technology Consultant as Reserves staff does not have the ability to perform this task for you.

Lists for courses not following the standard schedules should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the courses begin to ensure availability by the first day of class. Please give us the date of the first day of class when submitting the list.

Lists that follow the criteria detailed on these Placing Items on Reserve web pages will be processed in order of receipt before lists not follow the criteria.

Additional Information Regarding eReserves on Blackboard:

At the end of each term, we break the link between your course and its eReserves. You will not be able to transfer any eReserves on in previous terms from course to course, nor will you be able to view them in your archived courses. Only the reserve processing staff will be able to access them in our in-house archive file.

We strongly suggest that you keep a print record of the title you had on reserve for each course in each semester. At the end of each term, we will return your reserve lists for that term to you in campus mail. You may keep that list on file to resubmit in future terms. eReserve Files are stored in our in-house archives in folders by class, term, and instructor name. To find readings previously on eReserve, we must know the specific course, section and/or CRN number of the course; the term in which they were on eReserve; and the titles under which they were on eReserve previously. Without this information, your list will have to be rebuilt from scratch. The best way to provide this information to us is on the required reserve reading list.