Preservation of Library Collections

The University Libraries Preservation Committee promotes efforts to preserve the content and medium of library collections and resources by making recommendations to the Library director regarding preservation management, essential to the Library's mission of supporting the learning, teaching, research and service goals of the University. Responsibilities of the Preservation Committee include:

  • conducting collection condition surveys
  • monitoring environmental conditions which affect library materials
  • recommending guidelines for the care, protection, and handling of material
  • educating and informing Library personnel and the public about preservation measures and issues
  • developing and maintaining resources related to preservation
  • participating in facility planning
  • and cooperating with Library personnel and committees as well as other agencies, organizations, institutions and groups to advance the preservation of library collections and resources

Preservation Committee

The Preservation Committee is a standing committee of the Library whose members are appointed for staggered two-year terms by the Director. The Committee shall select its own chairperson to serve for two years and may invite non-committee members with special knowledge, skills, or interest to serve on various task forces and subcommittees to carry out its work. A representative of the Disaster Preparedness and Safety Committee shall serve as a member of the Preservation Committee, and a representative from the Preservation Committee shall serve on the Disaster Preparedness and Safety Committee.

Name Department Term Extension Email Address
Mike Crumpton Administration 2009-2011 4-5880
Sarah Dorsey Harold Schiffman Music Library 2007-2009 4-5610
Paul Hessling Cataloging 2007-2009 4-5765
Norman Hines Acquisitions 2008-2010 4-5996
Stefani Hobbick Preservation Services 2008-2010 4-5145
Beth Ann Koelsch (Chair) University Archives 2009-2011 4-4045
Stacey Krim (Secretary) Acquisitions 2007-2009 4-5498
Jennifer Motszko Manuscripts 2009-2010 4-4045
Ann Perdue Access Services 2007-2009 4-2606
Audrey Sage Preservation Services 2008-2010 4-5145
Mark Schumacher Reference 2007-2009 4-3215
Carolyn Shankle Special Collections 2007-2009 4-5245

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