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Library Budget Information for 2013/14 and 2014/15

In responding to the unprecedented budget cuts of 2013/14 and 2014/15, the UNCG Libraries have made every effort to protect the collections budget as much as possible. None of the Libraries’ 2013/14 budget cuts were assigned to collections. Instead, we made difficult cuts to equipment, travel, supplies, student wages, purchased services, and other similar expenses. We also eliminated 4 vacant, full-time positions. For 2014/15, we are planning to eliminate 5 additional vacant positions and make even deeper cuts to equipment, travel, supplies, student wages, and other operating expenses.

But, even though we are assigning most library budget cuts outside of collections, we still face a projected 9% cut to our collections for 2014/15. There are two reasons painful collections cuts are unavoidable. First, the magnitude of our budget reduction prevents us from taking all of those cuts outside of collections. Second, inflation for serials, books, and databases would require us to add $180,000 per year simply to maintain our current collections level. It is the combination of the cumulative effect of years of unfunded inflationary increases, plus the size of our 2014/15 budget reduction, that cause us to plan for a 9% collections cut for 2014/15.

To prepare for the cuts, the Libraries have spent the past several months on a holistic, data-driven analysis of our collections and their usage patterns. Using this data, we have developed a draft cancellation plan for 2014/15. Throughout spring 2014, we welcome faculty feedback and discussion, so that we can implement 2014/15 collections cuts with the least possible impact on the teaching, research, and community engagement missions of our university.

If you have questions or comments, please contact your library liaison or Beth Bernhardt (, Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications.

Overview of Draft 2014/15 Collections Budget Plan