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Letter from Charlotte Schuck to her father, 1944

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Object ID: WV0203.4.007

Description: Charlotte Schuck writes about the increase of the cost of postage and Easter liberty when she will be going home. She inquires about her mother, tells of writing family members, and notes that friends have gotten caught sleeping too late.

Creator: Charlotte Lavone Schuck

Biographical Info: Charlotte Lavone Schuck of Cleveland, Ohio, was stationed in Bronx, New York, San Francisco, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as a member of the U.S. Navy WAVES from 1943 to 1945.

Collection: Charlotte Lavone Schuck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Daddy,

I wrote to Mother and Babs tonight, too, and also included your name Daddy. That just “shows to go you” that I'm always thinking of you, ha! Sent their letter airmail - you know, those green 8¢ jobs to be used within this country. The old 6¢ ones can still be used for mail going across. Evidently, they're discouraging the use of airmail service in this country - at least it looks that way to me. Well, I mailed Mom's letter when Doris and I went out about 1945 to the O.O.D.'s office. You know, Doris must report there 3 times a day. Her restriction will be lifted Wed.

You probably thought you were getting a great big long letter again when you received this fat envelope, but it's just more reading material. Hope you enjoy it. I'm sending one to Mother and Babs, too.

Wrote to Grandma and Grandpa last night and sent Aunt Anna and Hardwick a postal card until later when I will write them a letter.

Just washed my hair about 2030 tonight and when it came time to rinse it, there was no hot water, so boy did I have the chills! But it did wake me up.

I'm sure you wouldn't catch me in bed anymore around here after 0700, not from what I've seen! Plenty of girls were reported to the O.O.D for not being up when the specialist inspected early one morning and the result? Several day's restriction and I don't want any of that, no siree.

Daddy, I talked with one of the officers this afternoon concerning special liberty over Easter week-end and she said it would be granted, and I'm going to put in my request the first week of April. So - be sure you get well rested up of evenings during the first days of April so that we can spend those few hours I'll have at home together. It'll be tough on you not getting sleep from Sunday morning until Sun. evening. It doesn't sound long, but from the wee hours, I think it is. Everyone was so glad to see me back again, and a few of the officers expressed their sympathy. I never knew they took that much interest in enlisted personnel.

I hope Mother is feeling alright and you too, Daddy. I sure hated to leave you all Saturday morning, but I know what one has to go through for being AOL, and I didn't want that. Just think how thin I'd get on bread and water for 10 days or so! Well, Daddy, it's time for taps bell, so must sign off with loads of love and kisses to you, Daddy.

Your Charlotte