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Letter from Charlotte Schuck to her father, 1944

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Object ID: WV0203.4.006

Description: Charlotte Schuck writes of her service as supernumerary and acting as Assistant Master-at-Arms in the lounge during early morning hours. She plans to try calling home again since it’s been so long since she’s talked to the family.

Creator: Charlotte Lavone Schuck

Biographical Info: Charlotte Lavone Schuck of Cleveland, Ohio, was stationed in Bronx, New York, San Francisco, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as a member of the U.S. Navy WAVES from 1943 to 1945.

Collection: Charlotte Lavone Schuck Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Daddy,

Just returned from mess and didn't find anything when I got here as there's no mail for me again tonight. Boy that's bad - nothing Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. One of these days I'll have 3, 4, or even 5 come in at one crack, just watch. And I'd much prefer it one at a time, sure would. Well, so much for my griping.

You know I've tried calling home both Sunday afternoon and last night, but no one answered at home, so evidently Mother didn't leave Wed. as she thought she would or else you messed your guess again, Daddy.

Yesterday our section stood watch and Doris and I were supernumeraries. That means we can be called on at anytime during those 24 hours to stand watch or perform any duty called upon to do. Well, at 1930 the specialist in charge of the building came up and said "Schuck you are AMAA (Asst. Master-at-Arms) for the Lounge from 2000 to 2400," and "Bussman, you are Master-at-arms from 0000 to 0400." so aye, that we were. After I came off duty at midnight I took a bath and washed my hair. Gee! I don't have the slightest idea what time I went to bed.

This morning it was so light out that I thought surely we had overslept when our buzzers rang, but the Specialist wanted us only for reveille check, so I took muster on this deck. My heart was in my mouth until I jumped out of bed and ran into the next room to find the other girls still sleeping peacefully. Guess none of heard the reveille alarm this morning. I sent 2 boxes of chocolate bars to Bud Saturday morning. Hope he gets them O.K. Also wrote him a little letter, so in about a week I expect a letter from him.

We girls wrote a chain letter to the 3 Yeomen who left for California - Hackett, Ted, and Jensen. They are still doing Personnel work and I guess it's not so bad out there. At least Ted gets all the oranges he wants - doesn't have to beg them from the girls, ha!

I'm going to try and get someone at home now. I sure wish I can because I feel like talking to one of the family. It's been such a long time since I have. Finally got my income tax return filed. Sent it last Saturday. Got it so that the gov't owed me, I hope.

Here's a copy of our Conning Tower for you to read. Loads of love and kisses to you Daddy. Sure hope it's Auf Weidersehn in July!!