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Letter from Charlotte Schuck to family, 1944

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Description: Charlotte Schuck writes of the many letters she has received and inquires after family and friends back home. She tells of going to the Lucky Strike broadcast of “Your All-Time Hit Parade” at Carnegie Hall, and her plans to attend the Palmolive broadcast of “The Million Dollar Band starring Barry Wood” at R.C.A.

Creator: Charlotte Lavone Schuck

Biographical Info: Charlotte Lavone Schuck of Cleveland, Ohio, was stationed in Bronx, New York, San Francisco, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as a member of the U.S. Navy WAVES from 1943 to 1945.

Collection: Charlotte Lavone Schuck Papers

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Full Text:

29 January 1944

Sat. aft. 1615.

Dear Mother, Daddy, Bud and Babs,

Don't know how you like the paper, but I bought a whole pad of it just for you. Some the combinations you get are going to be crazy, but this is one way for me to make use of all those extra envelope. You know it seems that things are just the opposite now - since I've stopped writing to you everyday - not because I wanted to, but because of having fun and a little more recreation- I've been receiving more letters from you Mother and Daddy. Now when I got the mail first thing this afternoon - there was one from Daddy and later on, one from Mother. Gee! Keep them coming! That's right, Daddy, don't let it be that Mother's box of stationary is gone afore yours! Mom, the letter you wrote after you finished writing Aunt Clare and Uncle Charley got here yesterday and you wrote Jan. 26. Your letter dated 25th I just got this afternoon - strange eh what? Your doing O.K. writing the 20th, 24th, 25th, and 26th. I think I get your letters sooner if you put them out in the box for the mailman.

Thanks for giving me the serial number for my new bond. The 703 91 27 is my service number, and the longer number is in the lower right hand corner is the bond serial number.

I learned late from both of you that I was sent a C. & O. calendar again this year. I'll have to write and thank Traffic Dept. for retaining my name on their list to the C. & O. Ry. Sounds like a cute picture.

We've had some lovely spring weather here, too, only it's turned to the colder side today. Did you get the parsley dug up, Mom? How much longer does Bud have to attend classes at Fenn? Has he heard from Consolidated yet? There - that finishes the letter of last night. Now for the one I got today. Yes, I sealed the letter before enclosing that, but it's really here now. Sorry I didn't state in other letters that I forgot it. Sounds like a swell supper you had at Allens. Are Len's letters censored? Oh, my goodness! I hope Aunt Anna wouldn't do such a thing as writing the Navy Dept.! Here after I won't mention time in my letters to her at all. I didn't know that Wilma paid for those clothes. Thought you were giving them to her because of that farewell party for me which cost her some of her own money. What was the telephone bill for Dec.? I called several times and that Ind'p'l's [sic] call - how much was it? Ah, another letter answered!

Now for the long one written Mon. morn. after Daddy left and you had just mixed up a batch of dough for a butter-ring. That one you sent was delicious, but if you wish to send one uniced [sic] and in that way I may be able to use the box of powdered sugar which I haven't opened as yet. You sure were busy this past week, Mom. Did you enjoy seeing the WAVES off Thurs. nite [sic] and pinning corsages on them? Ensign Montgomery came along accompanying them, didn't she? I didn't get to see her, but I had quite a lengthy conversation with the Sp(R)lc who came from Pittsburgh with a draft and they travelled [sic] together. He had a Quartermaster's rating on his uniform, but his orders had his rate as Sp(R)lc. I noticed that particularly when I endorsed his orders on the 28th yesterday. He came in on the 27th but stayed to find out all he could about this station for the girl's sakes, so they wouldn't be feeding them lies. He said they try to give the girls a clear picture of what Navy life is, the hard things about it, etc. and so he had appointments with different officers on the station and learned a lot was very well satisfied with his knowledge of this station when he left. I told him that you were active in the WAVES Mother's club in Cleveland and that you knew Ens. Montgomery. She was in our other office talking to Ens. Gabriel, but I didn't know it until later when Hackett told me she was good looking and he was kiddin' her a little I guess. Ha! It's just like those fellows.

Did I tell you that Collie requested sea duty on a sea cruiser? Well, his orders came through from Washington this week and he's leaving us on Tuesday for Norfolk, Va., that hole for sailors. Chief was telling Collie how terrible it is there and Collie said he wouldn't be there long - he was going out on this newly commissioned destroyer (asks for a cruiser and gets a destroyer) soon or else, and with that Chief gave him a pat on the back. We hate to see him go, but all the luck to him. I think he's make a swell Chief and he must have sea duty for that rating. Was fine that you and Marie went to the lecture together Friday night. O.K. Mom, I'll just look for a letter from you from Wed. on. Say, that coconut cake sure does sound good and I wish I could've had a piece, too. How was your breakfast at school, Babs? Can you make your own cereal now? Ah! just one more letter to go now of yours, Mother. Your short mission in which you started out with a "goodbye" turned out to be very long, Mom. I got that letter Mon. Yes, I found my comb and hanky in the pkg. you sent. Boy, you sure received a lot of calls Thurs. night. I'm going to call tonight - Daddy wrote in his letter that he'd be home tonight. As yet I haven't had my picture taken so Frank's going to have to wait, but it's not going to be a tinted one, Mother. I don't even know the guy. Although his letters are all very welcome. I got one from him yesterday. I guessed that he was in Governor's Island and he says I'm pretty close. Here's the letter. Last time I wrote him in pencil because I'd left my pen at the office so that accounts for the crack. I wrote him this afternoon. Bud where could he be? You know your geography a darn side better than I do. He says there's only one season there, too. You can keep the letters of his for me, only their confidential, eh? Nothing serious has happened yet, so don't worry, ha! I still have a lot of time so Daddy says. Ha! I laughed when I read that - guess Daddy's not too over anxious about having a son-in-law, eh? Never mind, though Daddy. I'll take my good old time.

Yes, Shirley is our room-mate. She likes to scrub so that's what she does. Yesterday, though, Doris got rope yarn so she cleaned our room thoroughly and then Shirley scrubbed the galley deck before she went out on a date and I washed everything else in the galley. Then about 2100 Doris and I started out. We went to the Lucky Strike 11:30 broadcast "Your All-Time Hit Parade" at Carnegie Hall and it was swell. Now we know just how they do. Even saw the tobacco auctioneers and can they rattle that stuff off without any effort at all. Tonight we're going to the Palmolive broadcast at R.C.A. - "The Million Dollar Band starring Barry Wood" at 9:55 P.M. My ticket wasn't taken last night so here 'tis. I got them at the Recreation Office on the station yesterday.

Yup, I think Doris tells her Mother what time she gets in. My pajamas launder very well, and often times it's so hot up here (right now it's cold) that I don't wear my robe. Yes, Doris likes them.

You remember my writing you saying there was a pkg. for me, well, it was from C.C.I. and contained peanuts in shell, candy bars and gum, etc. Next day or so I got a box from Aunt Amelia - 2 bags (well broken) ha! of peanut brittle and is it good. Soon I can say was it good for it's just about gone. I must write and thank her.

Bill has been calling me faithfully, ha! Last Mon. nite after I just finished washing my hair, he called and I had to hurry and get into my uniform to answer the call. Well, he was up at Fordham and wanted to take me to a show, but my hair was wet and he couldn't argue me into going out, hard as he tried. He was very much disappointed, but said he'd call Tues. nite at about 1800. I came up and no sooner had I put my hair up, he called again. This time he had some friends there who wished to have dates, so I said I'd try to get them for Tues. night, and Bill said he'd call at 1800 again. Well, he didn't call until 2030 and I guess I was plenty mad because he'd told me Monday night that we were going out. His excuse was that he had to take inventory of the ship and he couldn't find anyone to take his place, but he said the other fellows would be right up, so here I was running around getting 2 girls dates and left out myself. This chief was very handsome, I thought, but Dorothy Markle, the blonde, didn't think so. She saw Bill later that night (it was after taps here - else he said he would've called me) and she thought he was very much OK, and told me the line of jibe he gave her - oh, he thought I was swell and I had the most beautiful red hair - not too light and not too dark. Oh! I got the biggest laugh out of that. Wed. night at 1800 Bill called and he and another fellow were meeting us up at Fordham at a show since Bill had to see a fellow in City Island first and it would've made him late to come here. So Doris and I didn't start away from here until 2015 and that's the time we were to meet them, but I thought he had me waiting for his phone call Tue. nite and he could wait up there. When we got there they were pacing up and down the walk, ha! We were 28 min. late, but in the movie Bill said I'll let you in on a secret - we just got there 2 minutes before you did, so I guess we didn't hurt him any after all. We saw Laurel and Hardy in Dancing Masters and the other picture was "Adventure in Iraq." Then we went to a club and danced and had Tom Collins and the fellows had beers. ha! So I guess that showed us right there that they were somewhat flat. We certainly had a wonderful time. Bill is very nice and he's just polite enough - I don't like it when they're too polite. Jack, the other fellow, was cute and from Iowa. Doris said he is a good dancer. We were hoping to go out the next night, too, and Bill called me twice and said he was flat, that we couldn't go any place and it was such a lovely night so I told him to come up anyway and we'd go walking, thinking that he's let me pay his way to a show, but he said he wouldn't think of such a thing - a guy wants to be independent he says and he only borrows money from his sisters and vice versa. He's the baby of his family and has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. His folks live in Conn. and his sister in Long Island. That's where he is now, I guess. Pay day is the 5th of Feb. ha! Oh yes, he just made second-class so he's now a Boatswain's Mate 2/c instead of a Coxswain, and then we didn't have anything to celebrate on. He's going to call Mon. night. He told me I better get someone to go with when he's broke. Heck! He doesn't know if I go with anyone yet. Doris and I have the most fun together on dates. Wish it could continue. This is one of the longest letters I've written you. Hope I got all the news in. Now it's about tie to go so had better get a move on. Will call you tonight. Am mailing this tonight also and no doubt you will get it by Mon.

Loads of love and kisses to you all -


Am sending another env. with encls.