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Letter from Carol Goddard to her husband, 1945

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Object ID: WV0283.4.012

Description: Carol writes that the medical WACs are leaving on Friday for Sioux Falls, and hopes that she will get down there to visit her husband for the weekend. She’s making plans for shipping her belongings home, and mentions doing laundry.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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Full Text:

[July 11, 1945]

Wed. Night

Darling -

No news yet on my leaving, but all our medical WACs leave Friday for Sioux Falls!

I'm hoping to get down once more, that is Saturday, but anything could happen between now and then. However, unless you hear to the contrary, please meet the bus Sat. night. I have the large suitcase, a plain green (no stencil name on it) barracks bag (I'll have a tag card on it with my name) and a flat box to send home. I plan to check it on my ticket through and let them handle it. I'll send you the stubs if something happens and I don't get home. I find it is about the same to buy a ticket and send through that way, as to send by express or parcel post. I'll check tomorrow again to be sure. You see I could buy my ticket and check stuff on it, then they would send right through.

If something "happened" and I failed to make the bus, they wouldn't need to know. I'd have sent you the stubs so you'd just call for stuff. You will wonder what it all is - time is to [sic] short now for details, but it's miscellaneous items as drapes, cot spreads, rugs, dishes, etc! The girls bought stuff themselves to furnish the dayroom and cadre room window curtains and now had to discard it. Jackie told me about it all, and helped me get it. I could scarcely believe my eyes to see the stuff they were throwing away as they had no place to put it. The 3rd Barracks moved out and are now in the other two. Jackie is in our tiny dayroom now right near me. You should see the lovely Fiesta ware chop plate and the blue crockery cookie jar! Each girl contributed 2.50 for furnishings a long time ago, and they had to leave it all, so I gained by that for I am the only one living near enough that it pays to bother taking stuff home. So if you get the stubs in a letter, you know I can't get home, and I'll want you to pick up the things for me - 3 pieces. I've some things in there for you, but time prevents me telling of that now.

It has been a busy 3 days since I left you!

Tonight I washed 1 shirt, 1 dress, a pr hose, slip and panties and barracks bag - but I ironed 4 cotton shirts and 1 O.D. shirt, 3 cotton skirts, 1 pr slacks, 1 fatigue coat, and pressed 2 tropical worsted shirts and 3 tropical skirts! Do you know I started in at 6:30 and at 11PM I stopped! Now I am in laundry, writing on the sewing machine.

Pencil keeps breaking!

Will add a note in AM. I must crawl in bed now- Lights are all off upstairs.

Morning -

This isn't much of a letter yet. Walked to work this AM and it is plenty hot outside. Think I'll buy a furlough ticket and send stuff home this eve on bus, and hope and pray I can take it Sat. eve.

Jackie is going to take this in town.

I am looking forward to our winter together, dear.

Bye for now to my darling.

All my love,