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Letter from Carol Goddard to her Husband, May 1945

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Object ID: WV0283.4.010

Description: Goddard expresses the love and appreciation she has for her husband and is looking forward to being discharged soon. She also mentions her recent social activities and her duties the following day.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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Full Text:

[May 1945]

Thursday Evening

My Darling -

I'm counting the hours till I'll be home in your arms. I hope you will be feeling well enough! My heart is bursting with love for you, and pride in having such a fine, handsome and lovable husband. I surely am looking forward to the time when I can be home to stay, and we can go when and where we please, together, and do what we want.

One thing this army has done for me is make me appreciate all the more what a wonderful husband I have. Your little poem is so sweet and seems so much from your heart I get teary eyes every time I read it. That and the letter you wrote me just prior to my birthday are the sweetest things you ever wrote. I've been so proud -----

proud because you find in me what you love - but oh, I feel not equal to half the fine things you write about me - less than that. But it means so much to have you say them, and I'll try to be worthy of your love and devotion always.

How I'd love to cuddle your head in my lap this very minute, and caress you as I read something you particularly like. I recall so many times our evenings together so comfy, so homey. You are so lovable. I seem to be welcome every time I come by you for you reach out and pat me or smile so sweetly. I never knew anyone with any finer disposition. I was just so proud of you the other day! You must come again and you can see the "line," then. I'll tell you about it. In fact I've quite a lot to tell you (as usual) but I want a lot of loving, too.

The 40 year for discharge is true but a years service is required. So with me it is 8 down with 4 to go. Some are being discharged this week. I understand no new enlistments are taken now over 38 and the medical is very rigid and also enlistments in the medical corps. At that rate, I'll be home to hunt with you for I believe it counts from date of enlistment. You recall the month of October I was home and now half of May so it is that from the twelve for me that I was home though it counts toward the year of service.

I wished you'd been here for a better meal or meals. Yesterday and today were delicious.

I went to Lt. Washburns wedding at 5PM then to the 6:30 movie. It was very good. Jackie and Curry went with me, then I have been washing and ironing and now writing you.

I've got KP at 6AM so I rise at 5 AM, or earlier as the I. G. inspections are here and our barracks gets the works at 8 AM and all must be spotless. I'll have to fly in AM to get mine ready before I leave. Goodnight and all my love, Your Carol