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Letter from Carol Goddard to her husband, 1945

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Object ID: WV0283.4.007

Description: Goddard writes of her visit to the dentist, a letter from her parents, and new rules with strict repercussions at Rapid City AAB. She plans to go home to her husband for the weekend and discusses the menu for her visit.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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10 - Jan. 45

My Darling -

The forecast blizzard failed to show up here yesterday. It's like spring; snow is thawing and roads are wet and muddy. I am now at the Dental clinic. This noon, at lunch, the 1st Sergeant told me to report here for a check-up. I hope its just a cleaning they need for I hate dental work. There is quite a line-up, so I don't know when my turn comes, tho [sic] I'm here a few minutes early.

I had a fine letter from Mother and Dad this noon. Dad sent a WAAC card, too. They seem to be so proud of their WAC daughter, and think I'm the luckiest WAC in that I get to go home over the week end. (I know I am.)

Expect me per usual, dear, unless you hear to the contrary as I told you before.

Hope I don't get any gigs on my barracks area, for if one does she [is] restricted to the barracks for two nights for one gig, and has to report in for each hour until 11 PM! (New Rules!) Someone has probably been very lax so all suffer. I'll do my best and that is all anyone can do, but I hope it doesn't ever interfere with my going to see you, dear.

Hope you feel better this week. (You shouldn't feel so sick next week, after this coming week-end.) Don't pay a huge sum for the meat for the beans. Even a teeny bit of bacon would be all right, as it's just for flavor. Ham or ham hocks might be high. We'll need rock salt, ice cream powder and one egg. Maybe you should get some larger cans of "condemned [sic] milk," too, as the small ones are handy for you to use. Maybe they'll have cabbage in so we can fry some, (yum yum) and just plain celery. If you'd sour a little milk, at least a cup full, I'll make a chocolate cake. It takes 2 eggs, too. Surely fun to come home to you, darling.

I wrote Helen. I talked with Mr. Stell, and he thinks she has a fine chance to get in at Sturgis, I mean Ft. Meade, in that work she wants. Not much chance of her getting it in the service now with all general assignments. She'd probably just be put in as a hospital orderly and I think she'd break under the work.

Bet if I was home today we'd go fishing in the Cheyenne! I'd like to go spearing them again. Can't we some Sunday AM? Do be good to yourself, and keep well. I'll come back just as soon as I can, and as often, darling, as possible. It surely is grand to be there with you. I want nothing better than that for its the best place to be now and always.

Love to my hubby,

Your Carol