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Letter from Carol Goddard to her husband, 1944

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Description: Goddard is still not sure of her next assignment and where she’ll be for Christmas. She describes KP, writes of her classes and instructors, and notes the bad war news of late.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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Full Text:

21 December 1944

Fort Des Moines, Ia.

My Darling -

Christmas is drawing near, and I surely wish I could be with you. So many wanting and needing transportation during this season, some will have to wait I presume, so now I don't dare count on my being at any destination for Christmas. It is hard waiting but I pray it will turn out right in the end, and I get my assignment.

I got your last letter with the enclosures I requested. Thank you! I believe I'm getting your mail honey but you were right on your presumption I was busy, and failed to comment upon some. How busy I've been would be difficult to describe. If I'm still here I may be able to be with Jessie for the day, but one can't plan very far ahead. Time to "fall our" again - More later.

22 -Dec -44

In Orientation class -

So many interruptions that any and all letters had to be laid aside last eve. I had K.P. again for 3 sessions, but though we worked hard it somehow didn't tire me as much as Boomtown K.P. but we worked the same length of time. The girls were full of fun and in the kitchen after mess, they sang, so the time passed faster. This class will be a very interesting one, for the Lieutenant is a very well informed little Russian woman, who has an answer almost before the question is asked. She has the cutest smile. I like to watch her laugh which she does often. Girls are still coming into the auditorium. This AM we had a lieutenant give us a lecture who was both a lieutenant and a sergeant. (Her last name is Sargent!) We had two good movies too this AM, all instructive, of course.

War news is bad lately, which makes me more anxious to get in the field and feel I'm really contributing something toward ending this awful conflict!

I am now back in the barracks reclining (?) for a few minutes on the bunk below mine. You'd laugh if you could see me, I call it my chaise lounge as the mattress is rolled up and I've three pillows underneath me covering the springs, and am leaning against the mattress. After the indoctrination lecture, we went to Boomtown Chapel for an organ recital which was very lovely and restful.

It is not so cold this afternoon as it was yesterday, but the cold so far hasn't bothered me. It's the wet and dampness I dislike.

I've looked at your picture so much lately I fear I'll wear it out. All the girls show their pictures, and of course I do, too. I'm proud to show mine, and hear their comments one little Tennesseean [sic] said "oh, he's sweet." And I know you are, and I just love you.

Mess call in a few minutes, I'll write again this eve.

You wifey, Carol