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Letter from Carol Goddard to her husband, 1944

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Object ID: WV0283.4.003

Description: Goddard has completed her exams and is in her last period at Fort Des Moines. She recounts the details of her Sunday routine, including the care packages received by many.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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18 Dec. 44


Dearest Bertin -

Time is flying. We had our last tests this AM, except for oral in drill this P.M. It's one busy time, as we move to "staging" tomorrow.

I got up early Sunday (yesterday), bathed, then washed clothes, then had an interview with the C.O. (WAC) then ironed, pressed, and ironed. Buttons had come, so we removed plastic and put on brass (or shiny ones at least) and then cleaned house. Sunday the place gets terrible! Boxes of food arrive for the girls, and it's usually a free for all - with anyone's bed used to sit on & crumbs, etc. get wide spread! At 9:30 PM I got through (!) and started to study for tests today. Bed check came at 11:45 PM. I never saw a busier Sunday here - usually the place is practically deserted.

Our next class is the one in military customs and curtesies [sic]. We go through training for interviews, etc. As soon as I arrive at my new post I will have to report to the C.O. there, and I want to know what to do, & how, as first impressions mean a lot!

This stationary is some Mother and Dad sent to me.

I didn't get a parcel mailed to you but will this eve. Open it and take out the few X-mas presents on the top, please and deliver for me - just to Joyce and her girls, Lena and you. When I get somewhere I'll get you something else, but it's the best I could be here on the post.

I think of you so often, dear, and wonder how you'll be when I see you again. I hope you will be feeling better. I'm surely looking forward to being with you once again. When this old war is over, here's one woman who wants to be at home! I really like this training and the classes are very interesting, but I surely miss you, dear.

I love you with all my heart. You are so understanding and companionable that these eight years as your wifie [sic] have been the happiest of my whole life.

Be good, and take care of yourself till I can be with you again.

As ever, your loving wife, Carol