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Letter from Carol Goddard to her husband, 1944

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Description: Goddard writes of the details of her days, including KP, laundry, classes, and inspections. She is mailing some of her belongings home along with gifts, in case she’s not home for Christmas. Her last week of basic training is busy and she is preparing to leave Fort Des Moines.

Creator: Caroline M. Case Goddard

Biographical Info: Carol M. Case Goddard served in the WAC from 1944-1945.

Collection: Carol Goddard Papers

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13 Dec. 44


Darling -

I had KP on Monday from 1045 AM to 9 PM - Then on Tuesday from 5 AM to 10:45 AM. That's my last turn on that, thank goodness. I may get BP and CQ yet though. (Barracks Police and Charge of Quarters.) Classes are busier, and more crammed than ever with information as we are now in the last week of basic!

We had tests yesterday in the afternoon so I got in on them though had missed a lot of lessons to be covered. I hastily reviewed after lunch in the ten minutes before class - got thru with but six errors; there were 50 questions but some had four parts, or four answers, so six all together was pretty good. Later - noon on Wed. Noon. I was writing you a note on the back of news sheet in day room when the corporal came in for mail. Later - 10 PM.

I find I get interrupted until I guess that's all this note is - interruptions. After last class today I hurried and got my wash together, only to find we had to have clothes check & everything had to be laid out for inspection and checked by an officer, then put back - then we had to go sign payroll. Waiting in line for that so I just got back when it was "Fall out for mess." Then I hurried back and started my wash as mine was soaking and someone would be howling for the tub. (And they did.) But I got it done, scrubbed my area, cleaned up my wall and foot lockers, and then tried to arrange things in my little bag (the one you fixed the lock) to see if I can get along with just that and my duffle and barracks bags. I put every item in and things I could spare and couldn't get in I am sending home. I can get later if I need. So either Thursday or Sunday (if PO is open) I will mail a box home. In the top I'll put a few little X-mas presents, labeled in case I don't get home for it. The only place I get is the PX and it has so little, but will have to do. I know what I want for you but will have to get it at Rapid City when I get there, maybe not till after X-mas, I just don't know. Please deliver the few gifts for me sometime shortly before X-mas. The time is flying! I can hardly believe I'm in my last week of basic. It's a busier week than any yet, and they've all been terrific! Every article of clothing must be clean and ready Sunday, for Tuesday we go to "Staging" which is our last period at Fort Des Moines. I'd planned to be with Jessie, but since we leave Tuesday instead of Wednesday, I will have to be here. Our last exams are on Monday, too. We have a final PT tomorrow. Wish it was another part of the month for me! We all had to go to a show for our company this eve - it was Home Talent stuff from the post, but very good. I was glad I had wash & cleaning done before I left, for it lasted till 10 PM. It's now 10:30 PM (2230) so I can't write much longer as bed check comes from 1045 to 1100 PM. I'm in the shower room now, using a bench as a desk, kids bathing, polishing shoes, plucking eyebrows, fixing hair, etc all around me! The air is filled with warmth from the bathers. I already had my shower.

I talked with our Company Commander last eve and she advised me to get that little "authorization certificate" which I hastily wrote for this noon. That's the one in "New Wac Corresp." folder under dresser in carton in spare room. It is the one on which they left off part of the word super-vised. The last half omitted.

Lights are out upstairs. I must dash for bed check.

Love to you dear,

Your very own


I'll write Harry Sunday