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Letter from Dorothy Avery, 1943

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Object ID: WV0204.4.010

Description: Avery writes that the planes are grounded due to a new technical order, so everyone is catching up on cleaning since they can’t fly. There are 15 days left before she graduates from WASP training.

Creator: Dorothy Avery

Biographical Info: Dorothy Avery (1917-1999) was a pilot in the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) from 1943-1944, then worked as an inspector for Navy-Lockheed Service Center.

Collection: Dorothy Avery Papers

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Full Text: Hello Petunia Bird

It is a swell day here, we have sorte [sic]of an indian summer. It is fairly warm in the afternoon but cold as blazes at night. The sky is a deep blue with very high whispy [sic] clouds, seems almost like spring and makes me want to day dream if you know what I mean.

Anyhow things are at a standstill in our Squadron. They have grounded the NC78’s that we are flying now. So we did not fly today. Something to do about complying with a new tech order, they think they will be alright by tomorrow and maybe not. It is a shame to waste such good flying weather.

Anyhow we have sort of a day off and can catch up on our washing, ironing etc.

Also have packed some accumulated junk in a box to send home. It hardly seems possible but we count each day now. Only 15 more days.

I passed my civilian check which I had with the Flight Commander. See, I have a check pilot for an instructor so the Flight Commander had to check me. He said it was a good ride and I knew what I was doing. Now if I can convince the Army Check pilot everything will be tops.

A couple of the girls in the last class were put on B17's and are going to co-pilot to Honolulu. Boy would I like that. But because it is what I would like most I probably will be put on single motor pursuits. Also because I am short. Gosh I always thought I was pretty tall, but down here I'm only 1/2 pint size compared to the rest.

Gee kid sure wish you could be here on the big day. I guess I shouldn't hope for much though. Hope everything is OK by you now.

Always, ‘The Cloud pusher’