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Letter from Dorothy Avery to Butch, 1943

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Object ID: WV0204.4.006

Description: Avery has a had busy day with two flight periods and cleanup duty, and thinks she is being picked on. She has been practicing stalls and spins.

Creator: Dorothy Avery

Biographical Info: Dorothy Avery (1917-1999) was a pilot in the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) from 1943-1944, then worked as an inspector for Navy-Lockheed Service Center.

Collection: Dorothy Avery Papers

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Full Text: Hi Butch

Just a line tonight. Its only 8:45 but I'm done in. It seems as though they are picking on me. I had two flight periods today and all they rest of the girls only had one, except my Bay mate Dottie she had two too but she is an old timer and has lots of hours. Then on top of that I was on clean up duty for the Flight Ready room. Boy I was dead and about the last one off the flight line. Didn't even have time to shower before dinner mess. Was to [sic] tired to even eat much besides my stomach was a little on edge. Just finished my home work. Dottie forgot to fasten her safty [sic] belt on one flight and in a stall darn near went out the ship. One girl went out in a spin one day and had to hit the silk.

What a day nothing but stalls and spins, and here's where I spin into bed.

Cherrio Sunny