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Letter from Dorothy Avery, 1943

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Object ID: WV0204.4.005

Description: Avery provides a detailed description of a typical day. It includes a minute-by-minute schedule of her meals, classes, flight training, and free time.

Creator: Dorothy Avery

Biographical Info: Dorothy Avery (1917-1999) was a pilot in the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) from 1943-1944, then worked as an inspector for Navy-Lockheed Service Center.

Collection: Dorothy Avery Papers

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Full Text:

6:15 AM Oh Hum! Blast that bugler anyway, I could do with six more hours sleep. Like a bunch of mad things we get dressed make our beds, etc. while the Bay orderlies sweep and mop the floor. We take turns being Bay orderlies two girls every three days.

6:45 AM Five minute call for mess formation.

6:50 Mess formation. March to mess hall.

6:55 AM We eat and by now are half awake.

7:20 AM Class formation. Run back to Bay get books run back to formation.

7:25AM March to class.

7:30M Navigation class. Had a test and got 100% (Boy am I smart)

can't waist [sic] paper

8:30 AM Mathematics (I stink) no test yet but I know I will flunk. If we get below 70% no open post. I won't be of this field for six months.

9:30 AM Back to Bay. Study until 10:20AM then Drill formation (alternate days we have Physical Training) Excuse while I study (math)

10:20AM Drill Formation

11:00AM Back and is it hot out. I will quickly take a shower and study some more.

11:45AM Lunch mess call.

Lunch wasn't very good. I was alright [sic] just the same old thing, Beef veg., potatoes, salad pudding, ice tea. You take what you want. I didn't eat much as I am not used to two heavy meals a day.

12:40 Flight Line Formation. Here we go off to fly. I wonder what period I fly today. We have to stay on the flight line five hours. There are five girls to every instructor. That means one hour apiece unless some other instructor gives you an extra period.

12:45 On the field in Ready Room. I fly second period 1400 o'clock (2:00PM to you) Have to go out and check the ship and the chute.

15:05 Boy is it hot up there. Just got down. Did same as usual, pretty good, he said my spins were good, I'm glad I was sort of worried. Gotta study now, here in the Ready room.

17:30 Back to our Bays for a nice shower and to get dressed for dinner. We get to put slacks on for dinner. I'm second on the shower so here I go.

18:25 Mess call and we are all very hungury [sic] & feel much better after shower & getting dressed. Oh and I washed my hair in the shower.

19:05 Back from dinner. Will now take my little arithmetic book and go to Study Hall where there is piece [sic] and quite [sic].

21:30 My math teacher was at study hall so I got the low down on a lot of stuff. However it's still very vague - Ratio, algibra [sic] etc.

21:59 I must now jump into my little bed as taps will sound off any minute and all lights out.

So ends the life of a rookie for one day with 318th A.A.F.F.T.D. - class 43W-7 Flight 1 Barracks J2 Avenger Field Sweetwater.

Good Night, Rookie Sunny Avery

P.S. we would appreciate it if you could get some 620 film. Then we could take pictures for you.