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Letter from Mary Cugini Necko to her sister Dena, February 27, 1945

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Creator: Mary Cugini Necko

Biographical Info: Mary Cugini Necko (1924-2009) of Brighton, Massachusetts, served in the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve from November 1944 to May 1946.

Collection: Mary Cugini Necko Papers

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Monday night

27 Feb.[February] 1945

Hello Sis,

How are you doing as the Master of the House. I saw mother Saturday night and Sunday. It was swell seeing her again. Leonard met me at the Station. Gee! He sure feels bad about being out of the service. Especially when we walk together.

I'm going to New York again this weekend because ma intends to stay there a week. I'll be home on or before Easter. I'm dying to see you.

My new assignment is pretty good. I'm working in the Quartermaster Dept[Department] – Troop Movement Section. I do auditing. It's interesting because you always know where the Marines are. A Marine Sgt[Sergeant] gives me orders. He's swell. So are the rest of the fellows. It's a pretty good set up – but Boy! do I miss [Marine Corps Base Camp] Lejeune.

The Service men treat us Marines swell. They like Lady Marines. The girls here are always dating Lts[Lieutenants], and go to dances & so on. It's fun! There is plenty doing around here. I met quite a few Marines, but Gee Wiz! – I need my sleep badly.

Last night coming down on the train a Marine Lt invited me to sit with him. But I already had a seat with a sailor from Mass.[Massachusetts] Anyhow, he took to me to the diner for chow at the Station. he carried my suitcase. I got back to the Bds[?] at 12:30 last night. It's swell to be in uniform. People stare at you, and you stick your chest out, and walk proudly. ahem!!! I popped a button off my jacket.

I had so much to say, but I have a headache for the first time. That's because I've been indoors too much. I love to be outside.

Oh, Johnny was home, but I didn't kiss him. We just stared at one another. Leonards folks are swell – twice as strict as ma. But she is just like all Italians. Leonard's sis[ter] is cute. Ma & I slept in Leonards bed.

Dena, I'll write tomorrow[.] I'm so sleep I can't see straight –

Love to all



P-S. Boy am I going to hit the sack tonight.

over -

The girls went to a dance at Ft.[Fort] Meade, Baltimore. Free buses take them. Good huh!