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Letter from Barbara A. Wujciak to parents, circa 1980

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Object ID: WV0524.4.001

Description: Card from Barbara A. Wujciak, appears to have been sent to family at home.

Creator: Barbara A. Wujciak

Biographical Info: Barbara Wujciak (b. 1961) attended the United States Naval Academy from 1980-1981. She enlisted in the United States Air Force Reserves in 2009.

Collection: Barbara A. Wujciak Papers

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Full Text:

Dear all the folks @ home,

This weekend has been bazzar[sic]. There is no other word for it. As you could tell my mind was other places today while talking to you on the phone. I’ve got so much work to do now that its[sic] impossible to get everything finished. I’ve got 12 week tests this upcoming week. It just doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day. Formation at 6:30 AM class at 8-3 softball ‘til 5:30 or 6:00 meal @ 6:30 study from 8-11. (I had to do some watch stuff for ½ hour so I’m back now) Any way I don’t have any classes tomorrow and Tuesday (I had to trade pens too) we have the day off so it’ll just be like college again – skipping classes sleeping in late. Then Wed I have a big math test and Friday is a big History test Computers is Thursday (yuk I hate those!) Then Saturday is the Kansas concert – it should be fun. And there is just 3 weeks to Navy-Army game. This is what I need:

Long sleeve shirts and sweaters and pants – (old jeans please!) and nice ones for Mass – socks (neat ones) my shoes with the soles like erasers my blazer, Nike tennis shoes, that Woolrich jacket with all the pockets. Can you kind of coordinate the colors – I have faith in you Chris only don’t bring all PREPPY stuff. Bring my necklace with all of my stuff on it too. Interrupted again – its[sic] now 6AM & I’m on watch fun, fun, fun. You can also bring my shirt w/ the stripes going down the sides. And make sure that my grey vest is in there and matches one of the long sleeve shirts. I can’t think of anything else right now but I’ll let you know.

These pictures are great! Yes Mom you may have a future in this. HA, HA. The people in Battalion Office got a kick out of Hugh[?]. Nothing else is really going on. I have to go out on the town with Robin tonight and then study, study on Tuesday – I think I may go over to Boardman’s or Galanti’s[?] just to get away from here. Patty’s sponsors are great. They even have a squishy toilet seat! I told Mrs. Cann that we had one too & she about died & said that they only have one. So do we! That really got things going. I’m really sorry that I didn’t call but I’ve been busy – its[sic] not that I don’t miss you all, because I do very much.


P.S. I’d like a copy of the one with Chris & Susan on the dock cutting the pumpkin

PPS Send some salted pumpkin seeds!