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Letter from W.T. Briscoe to Sammie Rice, 12 December, 1943.

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Object ID: WV0257.4.012

Description: Briscoe writes of hearing Roland Hayes in concert and seeing a performance of “Porgy and Bess,” which he loved. He writes of his strong feelings toward Sammie and hopes that they are reciprocated.

Creator: W.T. Briscoe

Biographical Info: Friend of Sammie Rice. A lieutenant in the army stationed in Tennessee.

Collection: Sammie M. Rice Papers

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Full Text: My Dearest S.M.:

Another week has ended and it is due time I write my weekly letter to you. I have been following the same routine except for a few additional things I have added to my duties. I thought I would follow the opera season for a change since I missed it so much when I was in Cordele. I started the season by hearing Roland Hayes in a very simple concert which I did not think made itself [sic] very receptive. This week I went to hear "Porgy & Bess" which I classed more than superb. It moved along with so much interest that one could not lose ones thoughts in anything else for any length of time. The action and the music set the whole thing off in a class by itself. I could have compared it to a cowboy movie with much action. If I had had some peanuts it would have taken that effect. I did not have too much time to spend in that atmosphere. I had to catch an early train so that I could return to play basket ball the next day. We went up to Fisk University and played a very bum game for finished players. As usual there was some disunity among the players that caused them to lose the game to some kids relatively speaking. I was in my usual form not scoring a single point although I played ten minutes or more. I cannot seem to develop any new shots other than the ones that I have had all the time. This is alright for me as far as I go now to the other side of the subject.

I have wondered constantly what is on your mind if there is such a thing. This makes number twelve that you are behind with, now when the boat does come in I expect an abundance of mail, but I as still believe that, that is only a thing to come. I will continue my part of the bond for our sake and hope that the remaining part will be matched. Last night I decided to read all the letters that you had written to me. They took me back a long way. What do you think of those days? I hope that our thoughts are concurrent. I often ponder over the things you have said and take them with a great deal of seriousness. In fact, I am thinking of a visit to the beach in Florida for a few weeks and lose myself in the wide spanse of Azure 6 mos after dur. You have not opened up any lately. I am still wondering what you would like and what your thoughts would like to be centered on. I have changed from "Bris the boy to Bris the man," you would really be surprised how I have grown up since you last saw me. I hope the photograph has finally arrived and it has brought you all the pleasure that you have contemplated. I will always wish that pleasures that you desire can be yours. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND BE A GOOD GIRL.**************

Love, Briscoe