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Letter from W.T. Briscoe to Sammie Rice, 1943

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Object ID: WV0257.4.011

Description: Briscoe, at Camp Tyson, Tennessee, has completed Barrage Balloon Service School but was not assigned to an advanced school. He notices from her letters that Sammie has changed in several ways since joining the army.

Creator: W.T. Briscoe

Biographical Info: Friend of Sammie Rice. A lieutenant in the army stationed in Tennessee.

Collection: Sammie M. Rice Papers

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Full Text: Dearest S.M.:

I bet the parades were spectackles (sic) to behold but the dances at the other extreme especially with you unless you have changed a great deal. I noticed you have also picked up some other social habits. That is rather unusual. I hope it will change your attitude about a number of things in the future. How old do you think the baby is? Have you overaged [sic] in a few months of absence? She could not start to [go to] school as yet in any place. The only thing I did notice was that she did have a number of well worded phrases.

The weather there should be a good thing for me to study. I finished the Barrage Balloon Service School here yesterday. My favorite subject was not weather but it ran a close second. You will notice that my address has changed twice since I started writing. Always use the latest one that is usually the best bet. I did not get assigned to an advance school for urgent reasons. I can imagine what letters and newspapers mean to you and the others. We are all childish in that respect. The thing to remember is you must write in order to receive, but do not always wait for an answer before you write again. Write from your emotions. I will remember the requests.