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Letter from Sammie M. Rice to Estelle Rice, 1943

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Object ID: WV0257.4.009

Description: Rice, now in Africa, tells of her visits to Casablanca, Dakar, and Freetown on her way to her latest destination. She discusses money matters, and that she had been Camp Kilmer, N.J., before departing the States.

Creator: Sammie Rice

Biographical Info: Sammie Mae Rice (1913-2006) was among the first African American nurses to serve in an overseas theater during World War II.

Collection: Sammie M. Rice Papers

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Full Text: Dear Hun,

I received all of your letters including the card. You know I was so happy to hear from you. Also I had a letter from Mrs. Cuyler & Briscoe. He is a Lt. now and is station [sic] out in Texas.

You have worried about me I know but I am well and happy and we had a safe voyage across the Ocean. We left America Feb. 7 at 6:00 a.m. and arrived here Mar. 10, 1943. I enjoyed the trip very much. We stopped in Casablanca, Fr. Morocco for several days and were given shore leave. We went up town and to the American Red Cross Building for Soldiers. The Red Cross is doing a fine piece of work there. The officers gave a dance for us then. We enjoyed it very much. The city of Casablanca is very beautiful and the people there are friendly. Our next stop was Dakar, Fr. West Africa. We stayed there several days and was [sic] allowed to go ashore. We enjoyed ourselves there also. Then we went from there to Freetown, Br. W. Africa. We went ashore there also. The people in Freetown spoke English and used English money but in the other two towns they spoke French and used French money. We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves very much. Our next stop was our destination.

Now so much for me. How are you and have you been ill? I have worried about you and wondered what you were doing. I am going to increase my allotment in the near future but will let you know definitely when to expect it.

I am glad you started me a bank account. When you go to Florence put some in the Post Office and send some to Miss Mattie to bank for me there. The allotment you are getting now you can live off in the summer. When I wrote you from the states, I was in Camp Kilmer, N.J. only 3 miles from New Brunswick & 16 mi. from Princeton. I wanted to go over to see Mrs. Cuyler but we were restricted to the camp. We stayed there two weeks.

Don't worry about me. I am doing fine. Remember me to every body [sic] and tell your school children hello.

You can send me the paper and get one for yourself. You may see news about us.

I wrote you from Dakar on March 3rd. Did you get it? also my cable gram?

Please write soon. Keep your chin up.

All my love, Hun

Don't bother about Kodak yet. Will write later concerning it.