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Letter from Sammie M. Rice to Estelle Rice, 4 February 1944

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Object ID: WV0257.4.007

Description: Rice is back in the U.S. She tells of visitors she has had, letters she has written and received, and care of German prisoners in the hospital. Currently she is Charge of Quarters, meaning she answers the telephone and doorbell.

Creator: Sammie Rice

Biographical Info: Sammie Mae Rice (1913-2006) was among the first African American nurses to serve in an overseas theater during World War II.

Collection: Sammie M. Rice Papers

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Full Text: Dear Hun,

Yours came today and several days ago. Was glad to know that you are fine.

I don't [sic] you need to worry about Mrs. Henderson. If she wants to move it is ok. Mrs. Mattie will find some one else. You seemed quite upset about it but don't let it get you down. Yes, Briscoe come down and stayed 3 days. I was glad to have him down. We had a nice time.

Thanks for sending the clippings-- they were very interesting.

I had a letter from Edith's John. It is almost time for him to finish his basic training.

I hope your Xray proves negative. I am glad you had one made. Don't forget all the things I told you and take care of yourself.

I had some pictures made but they won't be read [sic] within two weeks. So you go ahead if you don't want to wait. I will send [sic] all of you one anyway.

Mother & [illegible] sitting there waiting for me to write-- after all I wrote both of them last. When I do write they don't write me.

No, I did not give Lizzie anything on [unclear] either-- Give them something for me.

I am getting along fine. I did not realize that I had waited so long before writing.

I am Charge of Quarters tonight that is-- I have to answer the telephone and doorbell. I had one German prisoner, a patient, who couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak German. We made signs.

There are quite a few German prisoners here. We seem them working on the grounds everyday.

Have you been to the movies lately. Go to see "Desert Song" or "Ali Baba" & the Forty Theives [sic] and you will what Casablanca looks like. The "Desert Song" gives a perfect picture. In the picture they were building a railroad to Dakar. We stopped in Dakar for a couple of day going & coming. Write soon--

Love, Hun