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Letter from Sammie M. Rice to Estelle Rice, 23 October 1943

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Object ID: WV0257.4.003

Description: Rice, somewhere in Africa, tells of her trip to the capitol city, school children visiting the hospital today, and a USO show she saw starring Frederic March. She is currently in charge of the psychopathic ward of the hospital.

Creator: Sammie Rice

Biographical Info: Sammie Mae Rice (1913-2006) was among the first African American nurses to serve in an overseas theater during World War II.

Collection: Sammie M. Rice Papers

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Full Text: Africa Dear Hun--

I went down to the capitol city on Wednesday. Had a very good time. I wanted to have some pictures made but it rained they have no studio here but there is a man who takes some nice pictures out doors. I have several souvenirs to send home but am waiting to see if you get the hassocks I sent some time ago. I am doing very well I guess. At times I feel very bad. But I usually take it easy for a few days and then I am all right. I mailed you a letter the other day. Also wrote Lizzie. When have you heard from Mrs. Cuyler? Had a long letter from Edith but I think I told you that in my other letter.

The 25th Ao. Hosp personnel is guest to 60 school children today. They are all over the place.

Frederick March, the movie actor, and a U.S.O. show was here last Saturday. Iti [sic] was very good. We all enjoyed it very much. They gave two performances - one at the out-door theatre and late in the afternoon- one in the Hospital area for the patients. I went to both. One of the ladies had played several minor parts in Dr. Kildare series.

I am charge nurse on the psychopathic ward this month. Had quite a few patients in the beginning of the month but only have eleven now.

Hope you are still enjoying your work. You must prepare now to go back to summer school next year. Remember me to all. Too bad about Rosa Bell. I really feel sorry for them. Send me Bell's address. I think I know what it is but am not sure. Hope you heard from Chrissie lately?

Love to everybody. Write soon.

Love, Hun

Don't send me Briscoe's letter.