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Letter from Marie Cody to Don, 11 Apr 1945

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Object ID: WV0157.4.003

Description: Cody discusses her plans for her furlough before transferring to California. She also mentions the whereabouts of a hometown friend and replies to comments from Don's recent letter.

Creator: Marie Cody

Biographical Info: Marie Cody served in the U.S. Navy WAVES during World War II.

Collection: Marie Cody Papers

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Full Text: Dearest Don,

You are one day ahead of schedule, m'lad [sic]! All week I've been telling myself that I would receive a letter from you on Wednesday and was, frankly, counting the days until said Wednesday. Last night, after having dinner at a friend's house, I returned to find your letter on my bunk. Needless to say, I was awfully pleased and thrilled with the contents. Any news, no matter how little, is so welcome re the whereabouts of Larry and that bit from Charley Screws was enlightening.

So far as Charley Screws is concerned, I knew him very well - almost as well as Larry. He, (Charley), and his girl (one of my closest friends) used to double-date all the time so that it was one of those inseparable quartets. I learned via the grapevine that Charley came home last March and married his "hometown" girl. Seem that he thought Dutch was engaged, thus throwing their friendship or what-have-you out the window. Well, she was engaged but broke it just about that time. Everyone was and is, fouled up - hope that it all works out all right for everyone concerned.

Well, Lad, so much of your letter calls for an answer that I hardly know where to begin. First all of (transpose that and you will be better able to follow me!), you're wonderful. That is for nothing - just wanted to tell you I think so!

Congratulations on your superb showing on the pyschics [sic] course! "97" is not to be laughed at. You will now have a time trying to tell me that you are not so good at figures. Speaking of that, you certainly dispelled all theories of arithmetic when you added 1+1+1+ equals "2". I'm glad, though, that you are sure I will like your wife as I'll bet she will be the very best. She better be- or I won't give my approval! (I'm sure that such a threat will meet with much concern on your part.)

I've re-read your letter - for about the fifth time - and find that, oddly enough, there isn't very much to comment on. So I'll just go on from here.

My news on the overseas situation is pretty good - all depends from which side of the fence you are sitting on, I guess--for my part, it's good and I wish to Heaven that you thought so, too. We are scheduled for ten days leave prior to leaving here and, from all reports, should arrive in California about the 2nd of June. So, judging from that, I will leave here about the 15th of May and be on my own until June 2nd. We are supposed to have anywhere from two to six weeks in California (Shoemaker and San Francisco) and then by boat from there on out. Maybe you and I will meet then, yes?

So far as my ten day delay goes, I am not going to spend all of it at home because the children are at school all day and Mother is working so that there would be no one there to be with. Right now, I'm thinking seriously about going to Memphis, Tennessee, and staying there for about five days to a week. As I believe I told you before, Honey, (get that "Honey", will ya!) there is the flyer, who was home on leave at the same time as I was, down there and he has been urging me in his letters to come down there on my leave and we will have a wonderful time. He really is a sweet chap and I know that I could have fun. What do you think, Don dear - yes, let us be frank by all means! I'm still undecided and I don't want to just throw the ten days away.

Your day of leaving San Antonio isn't very far away, is it? I wish they would give you about thirty days leave and then I wouldn't have any doubts as to what I would do with my ten days. Ummmmm!

Say, Lad, what is this about your back? If it's anything serious, I will immediately grab my Red Cross First Aid kit and come down and rub your back with alcohol. You know, besides drinking the stuff, it is also good for external uses - or so it says on the bottle. Then you could take me for a ride in your car and we could have some bourbon and soda and a little poetry. I'll bet I could make you like poetry after the first two. (Poems, I mean - not bourbon and soda!!)

Well, Angel, this is all for now. I really haven't said much of anything but, what I have said, I hope you won't find too boring. Don't you be depressed anymore, Hon, and I mean it. After all, I'm too far away to be much good - wait until I'm around constantly and then I defy you to become depressed!

Take care and don't study too hard. Think of me in your spare moments. Before I forget, what is the news you received about your Warrant? You didn't tell me, you know - just mentioned it. Give, Angel, give!

My love and best wishes, Marie

P.S. I spent a couple good months of my life trying to get my third stripe. Here my return address has had it on and you, my own, never noticed it.