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Letter from Marie Cody to Don, 1945

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Object ID: WV0157.4.002

Description: Cody is on furlough and has met up with a childhood friend who is serving in the air force. She would like to be stationed Hawaii but hasn't told her family because she fears they won't want her further away.

Creator: Marie Cody

Biographical Info: Marie Cody served in the U.S. Navy WAVES during World War II.

Collection: Marie Cody Papers

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Full Text: Dear Don -

Quite awhile has passed since I last wrote you and, before any thing else is said, I'm sorry that it has been so long. What with the Easter rush and the fact that I'm home (and have been since last Tuesday night), my correspondence has taken a decided beating. Even tho' letters have been at a minimum to you, my thoughts haven't. No, Sir! they still keep flying down San Antonio way more often than you have any idea of.

My leave has been unusual in a couple of ways and, then again, it's been very quiet. An old childhood friend - a boy on whom I used to have the greatest case of hero-worship you've ever seen - was also home on leave (pardon, Hon, I mean "furlough"!) and we really had a bang-up time two of the evenings. He just received his wings and was getting ready to "hop the pond." His plane is now the B-19 but he expects it to be the B-29 before he leaves the country. All in all, it was quite a delightful surprise to see him again. We were both very changed after six years of being apart. In so many ways, he is very much like Larry - a point which definitely sent his rating soaring.

My family is fine and seeing them all so well and excited over my being home makes telling them that I intend going to Hawaii even more dreadful than what I figured in the first place. I haven't told Mother yet and feel worse as every day passes. I'd best get on the beam, tho' [sic], because, when I go back on Monday, I fully expect to be told that I leave on May 1st for San Francisco and point west. But, the sooner the better - now that my mind is made up. You do think it's a good idea, don't you, Dear? No one, to date, wants me to go; this chap I just told you about wants me to come down to Memphis and become his lovin' wife; my folks are going to be mighty unhappy about it; the people I work for frown upon it; please, Angel-puss, give me the ole one-two on it!

On Monday night, I'm going to go to see that stage production "Winged Victory." It is supposed to surpass the movie version of the same title but I honestly don't see how that's possible. Will write you a detailed account of it. My fervent wish is that you were here to go with me. Golly, Butch, wouldn't it be a shame if we didn't ever meet after all these letters and stuff.

Your course there is coming right along, isn't it? You should have about five more weeks at San Antonio, shouldn't you, Don? It's ten weeks there, isn't it? I may be completely off the beam on that (stop saying "You are"!) but I was born ignorant! Well, Dear Don, I want to go and cook dinner now. Yes, you read right - I said "Cook dinner"! I've been doing it all week and loving it. Another week of this domesticity and I'll be willing to chuck my "career" ideas out the window for a handsome flyer! (I should get back to D.C. and work - but quick!!!) Bye for now -

Love - Marie