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Letter from Catherine Katopes to Dena and Jim, 1942

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Description: Katopes relates recent developments to her sister and brother-in-law, including many personnel transfers, getting her uniform altered, being acting first sergeant, and speculating as to her next assignment.

Creator: Catherine Katopes

Biographical Info:

Catherine G. Katopes (1912-1979) served in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps and the Women's Army Corps from 1942 to late 1945.

Collection: Catherine G. Katopes Papers

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Full Text:

Dear Dena and Jim:

Just a few lines. Just got back from the Post and the weather today is grand. Beautiful sunny day. Went to the Post or Fort to have my wool skirt altered. The waist band has been very roomy and finally I couldn't stand it much longer and so yesterday when I went to the Fort to get our Payroll Book, I took my skirt along and had the fitter fit it.

Today I went back for it and left the other skirt to be altered. It fits much nicer now. It didn't look bad before but I knew it was a little loose.

Rode back and forth on what we call the "Shuttle Bus." It's just an Army truck with a WAAC driver.

The other day I met two officers and they were two of the officer candidates that left Syracuse with us. It was Norma Flocksland and another girl. They looked very nice in their officer's uniforms. Some of them I believe are going back to Syracuse to work on AWS.

Mildred Gee is going to Florida as AWS officer.

Our Supply Officer, a darling if I ever did see one, was transferred to Texas to Fort Sam Houston and was she excited. She comes from Arkansas and was examined at Fort Sam Houston. A company of WAAC's are going there and she goes first. Our officers don't stay with us much. They are always transferring then to something better.

We have a rumor in the hotel that Lt. Benson (our company commander out at the post of Co. 13) is coming to the Savery as Battalion Commander. You should see the girls from the 13th co that live here in the hotel. We take great pride in the promotion and you would think we were promoted instead of the Lieutenant.

I hope it is true because she deserves a good position. She is quite the capable person and handsome too.

I had a letter from Johnny and haven't answered it yet. Aren't I awful?

How come you didn't send me a clipping of that write-up? I saw it, however, and the kids were kidding me about the write-up. Of course, it was a good publicity angle for Lt. Suppes to use to get new recruits.

I am still acting as First Sergeant which surprises me because of the many changes hereabouts.

I would certainly have loved to have gone to Texas. That is one state I would like very much to see. But you have no choice in the matter. Maybe I will get sent near home. They are going to begin sending companies of WAAC's to different Army posts and camps.

The WAAC's will go in Company form - about 150 or 170 strong. Rules and regulations in the Army go on forever and so when WAAC's get to these posts, they will still have to behave like proper WAAC's.

I started this letter yesterday and here it is Wednesday afternoon. Received your letter this morning. So it's cold in Syracuse? It's hard to realize that Winter is here. We have had some mild days but they say when it gets cold here, it gets very very cold.

Oh yes, that picture of me in the paper was taken from a snapshot similar to the one I sent you. I sent one to Lt. Suppes. She asked me to send pictures home.

This will be all for now. Say hello to Mary Corcoran. Is Judy still with you?

Sorry to hear about the passing of Contillo's relative but it was probably for the best.

Regards to all.

Love, Cathy