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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her parents, 1944

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Object ID: WV0253.4.017

Description: Fischer remains busy, is training a new girl to take over the library, received a commendation for her good work, and is sending money home.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Folks -

Well, here is a letter from Francis - he certainly thinks he is a big shot. I certainly wrote him a letter and told him what I thought of him trying to be a dictator. It is really fastions [sic]. It has rained for two days now. Last night I came into the hotel Alex - got a room, and went to be at seven, woke up at 8:30 this morning - went to church and then went out to the base to get paid - and now back trying to answer some mail. I was just dead tired from scrubbing and working. I'm waiting for Mildred to come, as she is taking the room tonight. She works today and has tomorrow off. Guess we two are getting old, because we seldom go out, and are so tired all the time. She has discovered that an office job where you have to be on your toes is harder than being a mess sgt.

I'm training a new girl to take over the library because it is too much besides all the distribution. By the way - I got a commendation from the Commanding General of the air service commandon [sic] my fine work in setting up the Tech Order distribution system. That is quite an honor - but I worked hard enough hard enough to get two of them. It is so quite [sic] right now - I'm practically lonesome. You know we have over 125 girls in our company now and some of them really make noise - So on your day off - you really want to get away from them. Mom here is a check for $52.50 - Pay Ikie the $2.50 for the newspaper - never mind the Sunday paper - I'll get it here. The other use for my insurance and ask Ikie to go up to Murray Black and see how much my fur coat is and how much it will be to keep it there - and please keep at least $10.00 for you and Pa to buy yourself something nice.

I got two new woolen suits that match, but I have to have them altered. After all this time they decided to give me matching clothes. I'm also buying some new rayon shirts for nice wear - Guess I might look as well as I can - seeing as it looks like I'll be wearing khaki for at least a couple of more years - Has Vincent made anything from that Plexiglas? Well, will close now hoping to hear more often from some of the family.

Love, Mars