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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her parents, 1943

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Object ID: WV0253.4.014

Description: Fischer discusses writing to friends serving overseas, hoping to get home for Christmas, their Halloween party, the rumor that their base is closing for the winter, receiving vaccinations, and a visit from a friend from Officer Candidate School.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Mom and Pa:

I do hope you are all both feeling fine. I'm sorry I don't get more time to write, but I've been trying to write to the kids I know over seas at least once a week - and that is really more important. I worked all day Sunday and was really very busy - I didn't even go home for lunch. They sent it up to me as I was too busy to stop.

Did you get the money I sent you? It seems as though I just won't get any Xmas presents in this town, and I won't be home until after Xmas unless I can get a plane and fly home on a three day pass - I might just strike it lucky enough to be able to spend two whole days home. If you want me to send you any jello I can get all you want - but you don't have to pay me for it - unless your [sic] giving it to someone else.

I'm enclosing some pictures of our mess hall on halloween - please put them with the rest of the pictures I sent home. By the way you did get them? Weren't they lovely? Rumor is really rife here - the latest is that they are closing the whole base for the winter - Tomorrow we have to take three shots - yellow fever - typhus - and cholera. It seems funny that we should get all those shots that are really for foreign duty but who knows. My promotion has been making the rounds of the red tape channels and so far it looks as though we won't hear it for a while. But then that is a minor thing.

One of the girls that was in OCs with me just came into camp today - she is recruiting in Rapid City. She is a "Lt" - you should have seen the greeting she gave me when she saw me - it embarrassed me - She asked me to come into town at her hotel and really visit her. I shall do it - All the kids eyes popped when they saw her put her arms around me - you know bars do not handicap friendship too much.

I doubt whether I'll ever get to go up to the Black Hills for the last two Sunday [sic] we had all our plans made when we really got a blizzard - 20 miles from here in the hills there was two feet of snow - and at Deadwood they had fourteen inches - So you can see winter has really come. Well Mom I guess I have given you all the news so will close, take care of yourself and do write and let me know how you are.

Lots of Love, Marcelle