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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her mother, 1943

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Object ID: WV0253.4.012

Description: Fischer enjoys her newly added responsibilities of file inspector, is sending home a package including candy and pictures of her favorite plane, the B-17. She also notes the base has been closed to planes due to high winds and that everyone had a physical and hers included additional vaccinations.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Mom:

Well, now I'm so busy I can hardly see straight. I've added to my job - and I do love it - I'm file inspector! I inspect all the files of the armament, ordinances, photography, flight operations, engineering and communication sections. It is really a job, besides my other one, on having charge of the office. I start work at 7:15 or 7:30 till 5:30 or 6 - which doesn't leave me much time. But I haven't been so happy in a long time.

I am sending you a pkg.- candy for you and the kids - jello -because I thought maybe you couldn't get it and a mess kit that I want put away for myself. The canteen is for you (hot water bottle.) The bottom is a cup and you can put it away too. The other is a new bottom that you may use for a little frying pan if you want it - otherwise put it away for me, someday I'll use it. I do hope you had a nice time on your anniversary, I was wishing I could have been there - but guess I'll wait for the next time.

I'm enclosing some pictures, but please put them away in my box of pictures - because they are restricted - and should not be shown as they are of material importance - they were given to me from one of the offices I inspected. Aren't they beautiful - do you wonder why I'm in love with them. (B-17's).

I helped on K.P. tonight because one of the girls sprained her ankle - so a couple of us helped out. Yesterday we all had a physical and I had a vaccination and 2 shots again and my arm is all swollen and on top of it I got cramps - much too soon. But that is the Army always having exams.

The day before there was a 55 mile wind and the field was closed to all planes - that means the weather would not permit them to land - but last night the wind stopped and about 5 this morning I woke to see one of the loveliest moons I've ever seen. As big as the side of a barn - a real harvest moon over the hills. Nothing can compare.

But right now the wind is really blowing and every one is safely ensconced in the barrack. Not many going out these cold days. We had some P39's here at the field and I wish you could see how fast those little pursuits are!

I'm also sending you a piece of nylon cord from a parachute - got it on an inspection - it holds - 400lbs per inch - Well - I must study some Tech orders - so I'll be a good inspector. Love to all -

Love Marcelle