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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her mother, 1943

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Object ID: WV0253.4.011

Description: Fischer is unhappy in her current position, not getting along with her commanding officer, and believes that “apple polishers” achieve more than those that work hard. She is under pressures and stress, and her arthritis has returned. She also mentions a plane crash that resulted in the death of eight crewmen.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Mom:

This is the first time I have had time to write one line - it is now 6 AM - I have been working so hard that I can hardly move. I expected to be home by now on a furlough, but things just haven't worked out that way. I expect to be home soon though as I really need the rest. I have been very unhappy here - the officer I have has rubbed me the wrong way - in fact I contemplated just quitting entirely. I have worked until I could drop and it seems that the ones that are apple polishers get farther. You know I haven't had arthritis for years - but I have it now worse than ever and my nerves are all on edge - anyway I'm now going to the hospital for an hour treatment by heat and massage every day.

But in spite of every thing I'm getting along better now after I had it out with the "old lady". I do hope you are all feeling fine and I promise I shall get my spirits up and write more often. We had a terrible crash here yesterday - a new plane in taking off - burned - 8 were burned beyond recognition. Just now - three of the boys shipping overseas came to say good bye and this is their last place before overseas. It is not a happy place. I tried to phone you but the phones here are all disconnected because so many were shipping out. So love to all

Love, Marcelle