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Letter from Marcelle Fisher to her parents, 1943

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Object ID: WV0253.4.007

Description: Fischer describes kitchen patrol, not received leave, her disapproval of sailors drinking, be unable to apply for Officer Candidate School until she is in the field, and feeling unwell. Fischer is happy that she enlisted and believes She those not serving in the military should find some other outlet through which to aid the country.

Creator: Marcelle K. Fischer

Biographical Info: Marcelle K. Fischer served in the WAC from 1942-1945.

Collection: Marcelle Fischer Papers

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Full Text: Dear Folks:

Well it looks as though I'm a permanent K.P. - been on four out of five days. Still waiting here for a definite date to leave. Can't tell you where I'm going - but tell Ike in case there is a group of WAAC's that march down Chgo the early part of this week - to give them a good gander because - we might - just might happen to parade thru some of the big towns to give the folks a good look at some fancy soldiers.

I'm awfully glad Francis is not drinking - because it really doesn't mix well with a uniform - guess I'm getting awfully old fashioned, but I see some of these young sailors so drunk, they are a disgrace to themselves and their uniform. He'll be happier in the long run if he behaves himself.

You asked about O.C. school, first off I can't apply until I get into the field - that is the place I'm ordered to go. We are in what is called the "staging area" which means we have our orders, to go to a post in the field, and can not apply until we get there. I just happened to be lucky enough to get those orders - and unlucky in the other sense that I can't apply while others can their are lots of my friends in now, but I don't especially dare. I would much rather get out into the field for a while.

By the way I heard from Dan. He is off the coast of South America - defense of our coast line - which might mean anything. He wasn't able to write as long as he was going from island to island, neither did he get any mail. Said he had received 10 of my letters at one time. He is a corporal now. By the way I expect to get some stripes as soon as I get where I'm going. Tell Skippy I still love him, and ask Dor where his picture is. Also if she has a snap shot of you and pa - I would like one for my billfold. Also I would like one of the rest of the kids, and one of Ike. So see if you can manage to send me some. By the way did the Weber's get those pictures developed yet? Please ask them. I haven't been feeling too well, guess I had a slight case of dysentery or else my nerves were upset because I couldn't eat for a while - felt like I did in Wash. last spring. Maybe it is an early spring fever. But anyway it doesn't deter me from K.P.

Because I felt blue - Ikie seem to think I'm sorry I came in. I shall never be that. In fact the only reason I'm sorry is that I did not come in sooner. I really love it and think that anyone who is single is a fool not to come in and help herself and her country at the same time. By the way Ike and some of the others that I know really are slackers - they should be doing some kind of work. We all got free Red Cross sweaters - so they should knit, or else work in some of the U.S.O. centers - they really our [sic] a boon to us in the service. When I look around at my family and friends I realize how lazy they are - not doing one thing to help. We shall never win - when there are so many disinterested civilians. I'm not complaining that I work hard but I can really say washing pots and pans for 3 meals for 2800 (28 hundred) people is work - while some civilians just have good defense jobs and think because they have a defense job, they are doing their share. They are only feathering their own pockets and do not deserve any soldier giving up his life for them. Most civilians are even too lazy to write to soldiers if they don't get a prompt answer - if they only had to be in the back of a gun for one day they would really change their minds.

So for goodness sakes - see if you can't stir some of the people around the family circle and neighborhood to really get behind this war now, so it will be over that much sooner. Well, I probably shall not be able to write for a little while until I arrive where I'm going, but I shall be alright. So as ever - Love to all